Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 12th Edition

With quite the influx of free apps hitting the market, there’s sure to be something on this list for everyone!

It can be difficult to find just the right way to engage every student. Adding a device to the efforts can bring some new life to student interest. Technology doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag though. This collection of free apps for education is sure to have an option or two that can get students (and teachers) ready for learning whether they need help in the area of management, content, or skill practice.

Fitness Goals Tracker & Health Habits Planner– There’s more to the mind-body link than only exploring it during health or physical education classes. This fitness app would be a great addition to these classes, but it would also be a great option for students to utilize and explore outside of class. Users are able to set personal goals, track their progress, and see results. When being healthy becomes the norm at a young age, it’s more likely to carry over into adulthood.

Human Anatomy- Anatomy and Physiology Study– This freebie would be a great review tool for a course or unit on anatomy. While lacking in tutorials and/or the why behind responses, it does offer multiple questions pertaining to bones, muscles, cells, word roots, and more. For a student that needs a little more practice with a quiz format on the subject matter or a student with an interest in the topic, this could be a perfect fit!

TapMeasure- AR Utility– This is a fun find for teachers looking to liven up the learning space. For those having a hard time picturing how diverse seating options and configurations could fit into their classroom spaces, this is a great tool. This could even be a fun opportunity to get students involved in a challenge to create a new design with flexible seating options based on the measurements of chairs, tables, sofas, etc. provided.

SCOTUSblog– This app would benefit a secondary government/history course or a user with a keen interest in all things judicial. Having up-to-date information about the Supreme Court of the United States is a pretty cool option to share with students. With headlines, case filings, statistics, video resources, and interactive polls, there is lots to learn and explore whether the need is for a single case study or an overall look at the Supreme Court.

My Magical Life AR– This app brings reading to AR reality! As a companion piece to Zach King: My Magical Life, users are able to meet and interact with characters as they literally leap from the pages of the book. This story of a magical middle schooler who begins to attend a regular school is a vibrant read by award-winning digital media star Zach King. A fun way to bring new life to a text and engage readers.

Quotes- Daily Quotes– Quotes can offer perspective and inspiration, introduce a speech or paper, or just be plain fun. With this free app, a great collection of quotes is literally at one’s fingertips! There are numerous categories to search for finding the perfect quote among the thousands offered. Quotes can be designed and customized for sharing and/or utilizing in digital presentations. This is an excellent resource with a host of possibilities.

Metronome with Presets Pro– A perfect practice tool for novices or musical aficionados! This app won’t drain a device’s battery and offers lots of key features. Users can preset playlist tempos, choose voice counting, hear the LOUD sounds, utilize background mode, and more. A great choice for in-school practice sessions or at-home musical stylings.

Geolocation GeoCache– Geocaching is a great way to get kids outdoors and exploring. With Geolocation GeoCache, they have a free guide for the area and can view cache locales around the globe. Users also have the option of submitting their own local cache to be added.

Having a go-to app collection is a great way to get students excited about learning. With these newly released choices, there are lots of options to appeal to a variety of interests. Bringing learning to life can be as easy as a download with an extremely affordable price tag attached!