Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 13th Edition

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Making learning engaging at an affordable price doesn’t have to be an item on a wish list. App developers have been working tirelessly to create apps for education, and these selections also come at a price that won’t have teachers tirelessly tinkering with a budget. The past month has seen an influx of new releases that will appeal to a wide range of age groups and student interests at zero cost.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code — Bringing coding to students is hugely beneficial in preparing them for a tech-laden future. SoloLearn offers users instruction in 12 different coding languages at no cost. User-generated content is coupled with real-time support to allow students to meet coding instruction at their current level and take off from there. The app is interactive, personalized, mobile, and so much more! A perfect recommendation for students with an interest in everything coding or an interest in delving deeper into a particular language (e.g., Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, CSS).

Mindful Powers™ — This app was created for students ages 7-10, but its takeaways could be positively received by students of any age. The kid-focused app helps users learn and practice mindfulness, so they can utilize this powerful strategy in daily life. The two key components of the app are Mindful Play which takes users through 10 interactive and voice-guided sessions that help them master the powers of mindfulness and Focus Timer which is a self-set timer that allows kids to set their mental focus on a singular task. With benefits in the areas of calmness and relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, concentration and focus, navigating big emotions, and getting along with others, this app is a must!

Swoon Reads — Have an older student that loves to read or write or both? Then Swoon Reads is a must add for them. The app allows users to submit their own manuscripts, comment and offer feedback to those already posted, or just simply read and enjoy a variety of genres from young authors. A great opportunity to explore the thoughts and creations of those in their own peer group and get lost in the digital pages of a wide array of books. There’s even a link for teachers and librarians to leave feedback and/or request teaching resources.

Drivers Permit Test 2017 — Reaching that milestone of getting a driver’s license is one that many students count down the days for achieving. Having a little extra help navigating the questions and studying never hurts. The app has resources for all states, and users can brush up on signs, get detailed explanations of various rules and regulations, and take practice tests. Whether running the driving instruction program or just trying to offer students some extra support for their out of class endeavors, this is a great one to share with those nearing this teenaged milestone.

DataCamp- Learn R & Python — These mini-lessons that can be completed in 5 minutes or less are a great resource for users exploring data science. There are both instructional modes and practice modes available for exploring the two courses offered. Users can explore Python’s programming language and the Numpy package for scientific computing in one course, or try out Intro to R and dive into vectors, matrices, and data frames. More courses will be coming soon in this freebie that offers instant personalized feedback.

Grammarly Keyboard — Users can experience grammatical peace of mind with the addition of this app. Grammarly Keyboard is an editing fixer that helps users polish their communications sent via smartphone. The app gives users a heads up when autocorrect is used for spelling, so no mis-communicated glitches will occur, unless intended! There are also short explanations of the grammatical corrections to let users learn from their mistakes. A nice addition for teachers and students to put an extra set of eyes on any smartphone exchanges through text, email, or social media posting.

From learning the code of the roads to learning to code complex programs, there’s an app, or two, out there to make it happen! With this collection, teachers will have an engaging stash of go-to resources to offer students when the need or interest presents itself. Resources and free make a perfect combination with these 6 newly released apps!

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