Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 14th Edition

Student devices can offer some educational takeaways without taking away from the budget.

An electronic device can sometimes be viewed as a distraction, but when said device gets a few key downloads, it can become a vessel for enhancing education. This collection of apps is sure to have some positive impacts for students and teachers. With a price tag of zero, they are also worry-free additions to any digital repertoire!

Math Games for Kids!– This simple, one-touch control app for young mathematicians is an engaging way to have students practice some basic skills. Based on Common Core standards, students will explore counting by 10s and 100s, one-to-one correspondence, and early addition and subtraction with more content being added soon. Users select the correct answer by blasting off a panda to reach it. The simplicity allows students to focus on skills rather than bells and whistles.

Footism– Always in search of engaging informational text and/or ways to get students reading more for pleasure? Footism brings all the top soccer stories from major leagues and competitions and puts them into a single app. Users can stay informed about matches, teams, players, etc. by staying up-to-date on trending articles and breaking news. Turn a soccer lover into an avid reader!

AnatomyX– This engaging AR app was created by doctors for exploring the human body. The 3D graphics contain several thousand hand-crafted structures, and the interface was designed by leading AR experts. There are 15 systems to explore that cover 8 regions of the human anatomy. Users can isolate structures to learn key information including descriptions, etymology, and function. Students are also able to dissect by removing structures and peeling away layers. A unique and educational experience is captured as students can explore the body and utilize the variety of key features offered via AR.

Math Tango– This one makes the list due to the free trial. For teachers and/or parents that are looking for an engaging app to reinforce addition and subtraction skills for young elementary students, this may be worthy of the full unlock price of $6.99. The full app offers over 200 puzzles at 20 different skill levels. Users earn monsters as they complete missions and create their own island. A fun one for a free try or a possible purchase if a struggling student connects with the content.

Snow Day Calculator- SnowCast– With the approach of the blustery season, this is a fun app for teachers and students to add. There are lots of rituals for trying to make a snow day happen, but it’s nice to put a little science behind whether or not one may actually occur. More of just a novelty, but a fun one for those young and old that still get excited by the possibility of no school due to a snowy forecast!

Staying on top off app releases can be overwhelming. The Fabulous Freebies series keeps teachers, students, and parents in the loop when it comes to education and devices. A quick bookmark can pull up all of the latest releases to start positively impacting learning with a simple download.

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