Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 15th Edition

When the tech budget has run dry, these new apps can add some excitement to learning at no cost.

There’s an app out there for just about anything a person could imagine. When some of this newfound technology can be put to use in the classroom, it can have a huge impact on student engagement, organization, and learning. This collection offers up some ways to achieve that impact at no cost!

XMind: Mind Mapping– Anything that aids in generating and organizing ideas is worthy of sharing with students. With XMind, users can choose from 16 different mind maps to find the one that best fits their purpose. Whether maps are used to take and organize notes, plan projects or lessons, house moments of inspiration, or any other host of possibilities, this easy-to-use tool with a variety of eye-catching themes is the perfect canvas for creation.

Pixel Art- Easy Way to Art– For students who enjoy art or those in need of a new lens for viewing and creating it, Pixel Art makes a great addition to their toolbox. The images of Minecraft and other pixelated favorites can now be easily created. Users could design unique images to enhance projects and presentations, or the app could be used for designing stand-alone pieces. An easy and enjoyable way to add a digital twist to an art course, project, or hobby.

R128– The start of the New Year is the perfect time to shine a light on fitness. With R128, users are able to get on track with fitness goals and stay motivated. Whether used in a physical education course, after school sport, or just by a single student or group looking to make healthy changes, this is an affordable option for fitness tracking. With daily fitness challenges and an easily navigable interface, this is a great way to amp up motivation and accountability.

Positive Affirmations App– At a time when a little more positivity wouldn’t hurt, this affirmations app is a perfect download. Helping students identify and work towards goals is in the very nature of teaching. By utilizing the app, users can use their own voices to record their own unique affirmations. There are also a variety of pre-recorded choices for selection. While this may not be a tool for every student, it could go a long way toward making an impact with students in need of bolstering their self-esteem and/or making changes.

ShadowDraw– This is a great find for both avid and reluctant artists. With ShadowDraw, students are able to learn some tools of the trade alongside professionals. The tutorial capabilities allow students to watch an artist’s step-by-step drawing techniques and then recreate them to produce their own rendering. Once a line has been mastered, the next step will appear for recreation until the entire image is completed. Drawings can then be easily shared as singular images or time-lapse creations.

Devices are the norm these days, so finding ways to utilize them within the realm of education is key. Whether students are exploring an interest or storing their ideas and creations, these five free options require no budget stretching. Having a collection of fabulous and free options is priceless!