Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 16th Edition

No budget, no problem! These 6 newcomers on the ed app scene are affordably free!

Finding a variety of ways to tap into technology that can benefit learning is a time-consuming task. One of the easiest ways to utilize technology is to find ways to make student devices an extension and resource for all that’s happening in the world of education. Building a toolkit of apps for students (and teachers) to use as resources is a great start, and all of these new releases can be added at zero cost!

U-Dictionary– This digital dictionary is a perfect resource for everything word related. With 38 languages covered, this is a go-anywhere resource that can be utilized offline. With 13 different display languages, this could also be a great tool for ELLs or students in advanced language courses. English pronunciations, sample sentences, daily word studies, English conversation practice, and more are included at no cost. An excellent tool as a stand-alone dictionary, but a real find for ELL or language study students.

Broadway News– Having a variety of nonfiction reading sources is always a good thing. Whether it’s students with a dramatic interest or a resource for a drama or music course, Broadway News can have reading audiences immersed in all the latest theater news. From casting and show announcements to the business side of the industry, this app has all the news without all the cost.

Homework Pal– Created for students by a student, this homework app is free of all the bells and whistles and simply lets students easily keep track of their everyday assignments and activities. By creating and color-coding courses, students are off and running. Now they can easily add assignments, due dates, and even descriptions to a chosen course category. The overview screen allows students to see what’s upcoming and even past due. Once assignments are completed, a check mark is selected, and an added sense of accomplishment is achieved. This is a no frills and easy to utilize system for staying on top off schoolwork.

Inspired Quotes for Followers– Sometimes students and teachers just need a little pick-me-up reminder to get their day off to a positive start. The free samplings of this quote app offer users just that. Quotes can also be great additions to presentations and great motivators for teachers to use in starting class or igniting a spark. Users can customize backgrounds and text, and a variety of filters and fonts can also be applied to quotes selected for sharing. A good resource for daily inspiration or one to hold on the backburner for when a need for an inspiring quote is found!

Prowl– For lovers of comics and superheroes, this companion app for the newly created Prowl series is a great reading resource. This comic series created in Ohio follows Alex through the downfall of his hometown and his discovery of a mysterious stone that allows him to transform into Prowl and begin to fight the crime that is running rampant. With the free app, comic readers are able to meet the characters, read a teaser from the series, unlock an AR component, and more. This could all lead to the discovery of a new favorite for students who enjoy delving into the world of comics.

Skoller– While this one may not impact a large amount of students right away, it’s a great one to introduce in college preparatory discussions. Skoller pulls together all the schedule, due date, and course information needed for classes at select colleges. Some high school students may even be taking advanced courses at the selected universities. This is a great free tool for guidance counselors to share with students to get them thinking about organization and time management at the collegiate level and/or assisting them with college-level courses they may be currently taking.

Helping students find a variety of educational ways to update their continually utilized devices is a win for both teachers and students. When those additions are no-cost apps, it makes the downloads even easier. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.