Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 17th Edition

With a no-cost download, these new apps are a no brainer!

The connection between students and devices is strong. As teachers look for educationally sound ways to build on this connection, they need to look no further than the app store. Developers are constantly creating and updating apps to fit just about any need, with learning and educational apps being no exception. These latest releases are a free download away and can be just what teachers have been looking for to bolster student interest and provide new ways to organize and manage learning.

Whatbook– Finding the perfect book to read can be hard for anyone. Whatbook takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the next great read for students in upper grades and beyond. This can be a lifesaver when narrowing down titles of interest for avid, reluctant readers, and any readers in between. Students can create accounts and follow readers with like interests. Users are also able to write their own reviews of books they’ve enjoyed or barely stomached reading. This can be an excellent resource for reading and also a fun way to get students writing for a peer audience.

Preventum– One of the best forms of prevention is education. With this app, users learn about the prevalent opioid crisis that is sweeping the nation. The focus of the app is to educate its users on identifying opioids, where to get help for addiction, how to spot an overdose, and more. Aside from the educational takeaways, Vans Warped Tour and the FEND Movement have teamed up to reward Preventum users with concert tickets, VIP experiences, and prizes. Adding this to a health course or drug unit and/or sharing it with students in communities in crisis could help save a life.

The Cat in the Hat Builds That– While this is geared for young learners, the appeal of anything associated with Dr. Seuss is ageless! This introduction to scientific inquiry and STEM learning allows students to explore concepts with engaging and familiar animated faces. There are 3 games included in the app, and they explore measurement, organizational & identification skills, and physics, momentum, & friction. The accompanying materials offer simple and entertaining hands-on activities that can be completed with everyday materials.

Chineasy Cards– For a student with an interest in learning Chinese or for a world language course, this app offers 8 levels for free. The award-winning methods may just have users paying to unlock additional levels and continue their learning journeys. This is a game-based methodology that utilizes illustrations and associative learning to help students connect words and meanings easily. This app has received top reviews and is likely to become a top favorite for those who download it.

Major League Fishing– While this one may not appeal to the masses, it’s always good to stock the toolkit with free non-fiction reading resources. The app covers the latest news from the world of fishing, tips, and angler profiles (anglers are persons who use a rod and line to fish). Based on the Outdoor Channel’s popular show, this app may be the perfect in for motivating a reluctant reader to explore non-fiction text.

Reverse Movie FX- magic video– Sometimes the bells and whistles of a presentation can really have a huge impact on its takeaways. The ability to easily create backward video can allow teachers and/or students to add an engaging and educational component to their video compilations. By creating both forward and backward video clips of the same event or moment, users can offer multiple perspective views of a singular occurrence. This would be hugely beneficial in scientific study and/or instructional presentations.

Sip Stories– Stay on top of the latest in technology with Sip Stories. Whether teachers are using it to stay in the loop and find new strategies to utilize in the classroom or students with a tech interest are using it to stay on top of everything tech, this app offers quick and easy access to all the latest releases. Users are able to see a quick summary and then swipe to delve deeper into stories of interest. The app is another high-interest non-fiction resource that can be a perfect fit for engaging tech lovers.

Staying on top of all the latest releases in apps just got a lot easier. This latest edition offers teachers and students a variety of resources to strengthen skills and enhance learning. The no-cost component makes for guilt-free downloading. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.

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