Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 18th Edition

Adding some resources to an educator’s toolkit is really simple with these new, no-cost downloads for education.

The love-hate relationship teachers encounter with students and device usage can lean more toward the love side when the right apps for education are found. Whether the goal of an app is to aid in organization and management, build skills, and/or introduce new concepts or ideas, this collection has teachers covered. There’s no need for students to conjure up ways to sneak a peek at their devices in class; these apps can make their devices or iPads an integral part of the learning process. Luckily, integrating these 8 new apps also comes at zero cost.

Getty Unshuttered– Smartphone cameras have brought out the amateur photographers in all of us, and this new app from the Getty Museum is capturing the engaging element of photography for teens. Filled with tips to improve capturing images, this app is a photo community created to help students tell their own stories in their own ways. The weekly challenges offered focus on light, perspective, composition, and more. A perfect addition to a photography course or memoir unit, and/or a great suggestion for students with a photography interest.

MathWiz- Math Cards– This no-frills flashcard app will have users honing their mental math skills in no time. Cards can be displayed using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems. Students are able to select the numbers to be used and the amount of problems presented. Once a timer is set, skill building begins! An easy-to-use interface for practicing facts with numbers 1-12.

Tayasui Sketches School– This drawing app is geared toward younger artists due to its easily accessible and manageable interface. Over 20 realistic drawing tools can be utilized and photos can be imported to allow students to transform images of their choosing. This app is created for iPad usage and transforms the screen into a canvas for students to practice a variety of artistic skills.

Templay- visual metronome– This free app was created for musicians by musicians. With Templay, users are able to improve their skills regardless of their current ability level. The Visualizer offers students the ability to see and hear notes in real time. Tempos can also be synchronized between devices for multiple musicians to stay on beat. With the ability to create albums and set-lists of tempos and changes within sets, this is a great find for enhancing musical stylings.

Paste 2– Copy/paste is an awesome function, but what happens when you forget to paste and copy again? With Paste 2, there is clipboard history to retrieve anything and everything that has been copied allowing users to manage and manipulate all their stores of information. Pinboards can be created to organize clipboard items, and the Paste function can be used in any other apps. A real organizational time-saver when it comes to storing and accessing pertinent information.

WWF Free Rivers– This augmented reality experience from the World Wildlife Fund puts a river in the hands of users. Students will be able to see how the lives of people and wildlife along the river’s path are affected by the flowing waters. By damming the river at different points, students can find differing levels of sustainability as they follow the stories of the people and animals along the river’s path. This is a unique storytelling experience within the realm of environmental science that explores 5 distinct habitats.

Noto 2- Email yourself. Fast.– Streamlined and free ways to manage information are always welcome additions. Users can quickly and efficiently garner all the information they need with a simple swipe that sends finds to an email address. Multiple email addresses can be used for those managing personal and school/work related information from a single device. Hanging on to that article or a photo or a new fitness routine can be as easy as popping it over to an inbox.

Words Can Heal– Having some unique freebies in the toolbox can make learning fun. With Words Can Heal, users input single words, mantras, slogans, or any turn of phrase of their choosing, and the app transforms the written word(s) to sounds. Students can share their messages through music. Teachers could also play sounds and have students journal or discuss the possible word origins. There are many activities that could be centered around this app in an ELA or Arts course, or it could be shared with students to explore on their own.

Engaging and free make for quite a combo when it comes to educational tools. These 8 new apps fit the bill for both. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.