Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 19th Edition

The latest downloads offering guilt-free shopping at the app store have arrived!

The app scene is a constantly inundated with new releases. Keeping up with all the latest additions is one more item to add to a teacher’s already lengthy to-do list. This collection of new apps for education takes the time-consuming searching out of an already overscheduled equation. The free price tags also make them easy to recommend and download.

Life Coin– If one thing can get kids motivated, it’s the incentive of a reward. Life Coin offers just that to users. When the app is downloaded, students simply follow a simple 3-step process. 1. Get moving by taking some outdoor steps (i.e., walking, running, hiking). 2. Earn LifeCoins for the steps/mileage accrued. 3. Redeem LifeCoins for rewards (i.e., gift cards, gadgets, discount codes). A great way to get students up and moving!

Grasshopper by Area 120– Coding and free make a perfect combination in this new app from Area 120. The short and entertaining games teach users to write real JavaScript. The visual puzzles develop problem solving and strengthen coding concepts. The real-time feedback makes learning coding a breeze.

iplant- Plant Identification– Students can quickly identify plants and trees using artificial intelligence. Users are able to take a photo or head to an existing gallery to identify a variety of foliage. Identification records are automatically saved and can be shared with others. iplant would be a nice addition for a science/nature course or a great recommendation for an outdoor enthusiast!

Google Tasks: Get Things Done– Many school systems have embraced Google as an educational tool, and now there’s a new app to enhance that experience. Google Tasks allows users to capture tasks, create subtasks, link tasks to emails, stay on track with due dates and notifications, and impact many other aspects of G Suite. An addition to the Google platform that can offer even more streamlining to an already highly connected set of applications.

Ground- Verified News– Apps that are resources for informational text and current events are always great additions to any collection. The interactive map allows users to zero in on stories geographically, and categories can be customized offering a more personalized news experience. Top news outlets like CNN, Washington Post, BBC, New York Times, and more are represented in the wide collection of sources.

Plus Note Taking- Notepad– This free app lets users add their own handwritten renderings to existing notes and/or create fully handwritten notes from scratch. Whether labeling, notating, or simply doing some doodling, the variety of colors and paper styles make getting all those ideas down on paper much easier and more visually appealing. Created writings can quickly be shared via email.– When funding is falling short, turning to grants is a possible solution. This free app makes it easy to navigate to possible options, review eligibility requirements, and stay on top of your application submission history. Once a registered account is created, this app offers an easy way to access federal grant information.

Hologo– This AR for Education app is created to turn students into lifelong learners by creating windows into a wide variety of learning experiences. The augmented reality and mixed reality technology offers unique experiences that move well beyond the walls of a classroom. There is lots to explore within Hologo, and teachers can do so for free. Larger subscriptions for whole classes and districts can be purchased.

Space Nation Navigator– Astronaut training on the list of to-dos? Yep, there’s an app for that. Challenges and games inspired by NASA’s expertise allow users to dive into the astronaut experience. Space exploration, science, physical fitness, cultural studies, and more are at the forefront as students begin a journey in preparation for space travel.

These 9 latest list-toppers at the app store make perfect additions to any teacher’s technological toolkit. Whether organization, investigation, or motivation are on the agenda, this collection has something to offer. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.