Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 20th Edition

A shopping spree at the app store is in order with the arrival of these 5 new apps!

Engaging students in thoughtful learning and helping them navigate the journey are at the heart of what teachers strive to provide daily. With a variety of modes and methods tucked into their toolkits, teachers spend their careers collecting an impactful cache’ of resources. Apps for learning often fit the bill as resources that engage students within the technological realm. With no-cost downloads, these 5 new apps can be guilt-free additions to any toolkit.

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids– It’s never too early to begin learning the intricacies of code. This pre-coding logic game from Hopster is a perfect way to get younger kids building the skill base to tackle coding. The animal-themed games offer students a series of logic problems to solve to get the animals where they need to be. Guiding the animals is also guiding students through the four foundational techniques behind computational thinking: Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction, and Algorithms.

PhotoSolver- Math Solutions– Sometimes a teacher’s toolkit needs to contain a few of the “help” apps that students may be utilizing to complete their work. PhotoSolver offers users the stepped solutions to problems that they scan into the app. While this may be a helpful check for students that have already completed their work, it is one of those apps that can deter from the learning process because students use it before solving on their own. This is a great tool in the right hands with its step-by-step explanations of the solution process. It’s also one to keep on the radar for kids that can complete work outside of class but are unable to perform when electronics cannot be accessed.

Agenda- A New Take on Notes– Helping students find the right niche’ in the gathering-of-information world can take a lot of attempts. Not every student will gravitate toward the exact same method. That’s why having a variety of notetaking and information storing/sorting resources is a great toolkit bonus. Agenda is a date-focused app that can help users organize their information and easily access needed material. For students who do a lot of project-based work, this could be a real lifesaver for driving projects forward and staying on task.

Readability for Chrome– For those using Chrome browsers, this is a must download. Readability enhances the Chrome experiences and allows students to utilize their Chrome content in a variety of ways. Users can enter into Reader Mode which removes the distraction of ads, videos, and sponsored content links from a web page. The Text-to-Speech mode allows voice extension to take over and read any written webpage to the user. With Quick Favorites, any site from the Chrome browser can be added to a favorite’s list and automatically pop up in reader mode. Readability allows students to consume website content in more reader-friendly ways.

7-Minute Workout and Calm Mind– That’s a tall order for seven minutes, but it’s definitely worth a download to check out things. The included exercises can be done anywhere and at any time. Users are encouraged to be consistent and maintain a streak of usage. There are quotes for inspiration, and the inclusion of sound options allow users to reach their calm and enter a restful state. The free trial makes this a perfect recommendation for those looking to get back on track with fitness and restore some calm. It could be a subscription-worthy solution for some students and/or teachers.

One Touch- Voice Translator– Communication is vital to the field of education. With the diverse student populations, the ability to communicate with some families can be challenging. While translating services are available in districts, they aren’t always available for the quick and daily ins-and-outs when communication may be needed. With One Touch, more than 100 languages can be translated via voice or text mode. Users can either speak or type the message to be translated and said message can be expressed in voice or text format. A great solution for keeping commination lines open.

These 5 newcomers may be just what’s needed to refresh a teacher’s digital toolkit. Filled with solutions for organizing, problem solving, and building skills, this collection has offerings to help students and teachers navigate learning. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.