Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 21st Edition

It’s time to browse the App Store and walk away with these guilt-free freebies!

Adding engagement and entertainment to learning is always money well spent. With these new apps, the engagement and entertainment are available with no money spent. Fortifying the toolkit with options for whole class or individual recommendations is a great way to keep things fresh and relevant for students and teachers.

Dialogue: Screenplay Writer– Any ELA teacher will tell you that dialogue is a challenging subject to teach. With this free app, users are able to voice dictate character dialogue to get a feel for how conversations flow into writing. As a drafting tool, this app lets students develop entire stories/screenplays which can then be converted to pdf files or exported to fountain script for desktop. This is a great resource to generating ideas and getting creative thoughts into a digital format.

Translate: Ultimate Translator– With such diverse student populations, there can oftentimes be a language barrier that makes communicating with families more challenging. While districts offer services, there can also be a need for in-the-moment resources. Over 100 languages can be translated via text, speech, or camera. This would also be a great companion for any teachers that do touring abroad with school groups to decipher signs by using the camera function.

OANN: Live Breaking News– Finding sources that offer informational text for students can be challenging. News apps are a great resource for both current events and reading practice. With OANN, students are able to dive right into articles covering the latest news. This would also be an excellent resource for comparing multiple news sources and researching the presence or lack of any media bias from different outlets.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited– Sometimes having suggestions for parents is one of the best tools teachers can hold in their toolkits. This new Amazon service lets parents be in-the-know about what kids are viewing on their devices. There is a one-month free trial that offers access to the over 10,000 videos, books, and shows geared for kids 5-12. Parents are assured that kid-friendly material is viewed and can also cater available selections by setting up profiles for up to 4 kids. A great recommendation to parents that are overwhelmed by managing and monitoring screen time.

Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body– Looking for resources for fitness or some new ideas for mind/body brain breaks? This Yoga for Beginners apps is a great way to introduce yoga and its benefits. The voice-guided workouts help users focus on the actions rather than constantly trying to steal a glance at a screen. Whether sharing a full workout or simply a few poses to recharge, this is a perfect and pocket-sized fitness companion.

StoryZ Photo Motion– Enhancing presentations or exploring digital artistry can be achieved with this new app. StoryZ allows users to take still photos and get them moving with either ripple or motion effects. The tutorials allow students to easily convert images to create new forms that include motion and effects. The app could be used to enhance visuals within new or existing presentations, take photography to the next level, and/or explore the work of other creators. An engaging find for photography lovers or those looking to spice up a dull presentation.

Digital finds are a great way to get students excited about learning and engaged in new ways of thinking. These 6 newcomers cover a variety of topics and could be used with multiple age levels, experience levels, and curriculums. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.