Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 22nd Edition

A free trip to the app store can make learning and organization a guilt-free breeze!

There truly is an app for just about anything and everything. Sometimes that just right app may be skill-based, and other times apps can fill a need for organization, productivity, or even healthy lifestyle choices. Sifting through all the contenders to find a select few that fit into the educational realm can be exhausting. This list of new apps that can impact education will not impact the budget with their free price tags!

DailyFocus by CreativeLive– Whether a resource for a photography/art course or a suggestion for one with an interest in the craft, this app offers users daily, 5-minute lessons and tips. A nice mix of how-to information, challenges, and inspiration is available to budding photographers. Gleaning information from top experts and viewing the world at new angles behind the lens of a camera is a perfect way to strengthen skills and buoy a budding interest.

Khan Academy Kids– All the wonders and resources associated with Khan Academy are now finding their way to younger learners. With Khan Academy Kids, even the youngest of learners can enjoy a robust library of lessons and interactive activities that are aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Common Core. The adaptive learning journey houses a curriculum that includes reading, language, writing, math, social-emotional development, problem-solving, and motor development. This is a free app that will leave parents and teachers wondering how they ever lived without it!

Super Simple Draw– Save paper and stay organized with this quick sketchpad for jotting down ideas, drawings, notes, etc. The app supports Apple Pencil and has all of the standard iOS sharing options to make saving and collaborating a breeze. Not only will students have a new creative outlet, they will also be doing so in an ecofriendly fashion.

Drink Water for Life– There are lots of apps out there for tabulating and encouraging proper water intake. The no-frills approach to this one is a bonus, but the best feature is the accountability that comes from pairing up with a friend. The likelihood of sticking to goals and programs increases exponentially when a buddy system is put into place. Whether a teacher or student initiative, this hydration companion is a healthy addition to anyone’s app collection. A perfect balance of fast and flexible to meet healthy lifestyle goals.

SmartWOD Workout Generator– CrossFit is huge right now, and making CrossFit accessible to the masses is the goal of this app. Whether it’s a physical education class delving into the fitness regimen or the fulfilling of a personal interest, this generator is a great way to start or enhance a CrossFit program. SmartWOD offers users a daily workout that utilizes on-hand materials/equipment. By selecting equipment and hitting the “Go” button, a collection of personalized workouts will be there for browsing and selection. No more excuses because this generator uses what’s available to make a fitness impact.

When it comes to technology, the choices can be overwhelming. Finding ways to enhance curriculum, develop personal interests, and/or manage all the ins and outs of the educational journey can be a lot easier with a diverse app collection. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.