Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 23rd Edition

A guilt-free shopping trip is in order with these new free finds now available at the App Store!

Going digital can equate to engaging students. When that digital component is a free one, it’s even better. Apps can be used to reinforce skills, organize, discover new information, etc. As teachers add to their digital toolkits, they create more opportunities to help students connect to the curriculum and manage their learning journeys. The search for more of these engaging resources is over; this collection of newbies is just a download away!

Lightning Tracker & Storm Data– Access to weather information may be an interest or a necessity, and this app will serve both possibilities well. Chart overlays and forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are readily available for users to view. With a Global Lightning Strike Map and satellite animations, students can garner a lot of meteorological information from a single source. Thunderstorms, Warnings & Watches, wind conditions, rain probabilities, and more can be easily viewed and studied.

Sorted³– This latest edition to the Sorted line offers many valuable resources streamlining all those important dates/deadlines and time management pieces in one easy-to-use scheduler. For students or teachers that are looking for a resources to help in effectively visualizing the day and managing time and prioritizing, this could be the game changer that makes organization a breeze. Creating a schedule as opposed to a to-do list can do wonders for increasing the ability to actually get things done.

Smart Identifier: Plant+Insect– When learning heads outdoor, it can be tricky to carry all the tools and resources needed. The Smart Identifier takes the place of a cumbersome field guide or reference book. Users can snap a photo or peruse the gallery to aid in the identification process. Elements identified are automatically saved and become a part of the user’s history. There is a limited daily quota for non-subscribers, but students could work in groups and/or be selective in their searches if the subscription would be cost-prohibitive.

Minecraft: Education Edition– What better way to engage students than to use one of their favorite entertainment platforms for learning? For those schools and/or teachers who subscribe to Minecraft Education Edition, adding this app to their repertoire is a must. There are innumerable teacher resources to aid in thoughtfully engaging students in a variety of subject areas. From building periodic tables and exploring oceans to exploring classics like Treasure Island, engaging lessons and activities which build 21st century skills, including STEM are right at students’ fingertips.

KyBook 3 Ebook Reader– Manage a variety of e-book formats, discover free e-books, and personalize the reading process with this free e-book reader. Students can make annotations to text by bookmarking, drawing, or typing responses. This a great resource for those voracious readers that need some help organizing a growing library and identifying titles to add to it.

SpaceWeatherLive– This app will help ensure that users don’t miss an aurora display again. Loads of information on weather in space and light displays are available for well-studied enthusiasts or beginners. User can switch between auroral and solar activity in a single click. With modern graphs and news, there is lots to be learned. Push notifications can be enabled to keep users in the loop when it comes to any and all space weather events.

The Countdown App– Preparing for a big event or need a well-timed reminder to stay on track? This countdown app is a great way to keep groups or individuals on target for meeting deadlines. Whether it’s the countdown for a project due date, concert, reward/collection period, etc., the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining are right there for viewing and encouraging timely completion.

Disorganized scientists really hit the jackpot with this collection of new apps! Zeroing in on the weather, identifying the unknown, staying accountable, and more are at the heart of these new and cost-efficient additions to the App Store. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.