Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 24th Edition

When free and resources go together, teachers and students reap the rewards!

Student devices don’t have to be distractions. With the right set of learning tools uploaded, they can become resources for extension, remediation, and/or enrichment. When those resources come at no cost, it makes finding great apps like these even more of a bonus!

Run an Empire– Turn running club, conditioning, or a personal interest in pounding the pavement (or trails) into an adventure with Run an Empire. Staying fit and conditioning becomes an entertaining game as runners capture lands by running through them. The app marks the territories covered, and runners earn coins as they go. An engaging way to get students who enjoy games and competition to add some extra steps!

English Dictionary- LDOCE– This digital dictionary has all the bells and whistles to make word searching and vocabulary expansion a breeze. Students can search the dictionary or thesaurus, and there is also a collocations dictionary for helping users navigate all those word combinations that are unique to the English language. With quizzes, word history, spelling help, and images, there is a lot to be learned about language in this easy-to-navigate app.

Microsoft Whiteboard– Microsoft is working out the kinks on this new collaborative app. Users can start from scratch with a white board display and use a pen or touch to create. With the ability to work collaboratively, students can share real-time ideas outside of the classroom. With cloud based storage, the boards can be accessed from anywhere, and ideas can flourish. The autosave option means that it’s all right there whenever it’s needed. No more keeping track of pen and paper group notes or snapping photos of brainstorming displays.

Metronome Plus- Beat & Tempo– With multiple modes, users can train, practice, record, and more. Rhythms can be customized by tempo, time signature, subdivision, polyrhythm, etc. Perfect for musicians of all ages, the user-friendly interface offers multiple themes and backgrounds. The playlist manager lets users easily manage their setlist by saving and uploading rhythms.

Akron Beacon Journal Now– Localized news resources make for great nonfiction reads. Students can dive into articles about issues and events relevant to their communities. Another great way to utilize a variety of localized news resources is in media comparison. Does the location of a particular media outlet change the way in which a story is told? Investigating a variety of news sources is an excellent individual or group study option.

Daily Dictionary– This word-of-the-day app is a fun way for users to expand their vocabularies. Rather than offering word choices that are heavy on the technical jargon, Daily Dictionary selects words that can be assimilated into everyday conversations. Each word comes with a definition, pronunciation, usage, and synonyms. An easy way to help ELLs or any students with an interest in all things wordy expand their vocabularies.

From making conditioning fun to keeping the beat, there are some engaging newcomers on the app scene. With the ease of information and collaboration at their fingertips, students will find new ways to explore learning and best practices for mind and body. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.