Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 25th Edition

Adding some new resources to the toolkit is a breeze with this new collection of free apps for education!

Managing an abundance of resources can be overwhelming. When those resources are digital applications at students’ fingertips, pinpointing the best ones just got a whole lot easier. These newest apps for education are ready for downloading and impacting student learning and engagement!

Metric Conversion Tool– The prevalence of the metric system in the world around us makes having a conversion tool at our fingertips a real bonus! While gaining an understanding of the hows and whys of conversion is important, a tool that can quickly apply those calculations can be a big help for checking work and/or determining proper conversions when completing work. The app shares the formula, work, and results. With over 30,000 conversions, this app has lots of bases covered. Users can convert weight, temperature, length, area, volume, time, angle, pressure, energy & power, and over 160 currencies.

Topographic Maps & Trails– This app could find several landing spots in the curriculum. This tile cache base map service includes maps from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the United States Forest Service (USFS). Maps combine data from The National Map and other domains with a variety of additional satellite imaging sources to offer users an all-inclusive topographic experience. Students will find boundaries, geographical names, transportation, contours, hydrography, land cover, shaded relief, trails, etc. A great resource for topographic study or even simply pinpointing trails for hiking.

Nicola: ePub Book Reader– Not every student holds an intrinsic love of reading. With Nicola, teachers and parents can offer motivation via an app that sets up goals and offers rewards for achievements. Stats available include reading streaks, pages read, books completed, and reading time. Users can build their own “hall of success” with the badges and rewards given for achieving goals. A perfect tool for revving up a student’s reading interest with more components to be released soon.

Hello Piano- Lessons & Games– Users can study theory and learn to play piano with this free app. The 4 main skills covered are: rhythm, ear training, playing technique, and sheet music. Just 15 minutes a day will have students on their way to becoming skilled pianists. Users can switch between game mode, theory mode, today’s practice, and my stats. An easy-to-use and engaging way to learn piano.

Graphing Calculator X84– With the high-cost of graphing calculators, it’s nice to have a no-cost companion app. Users of the Ti-84 will now have an app with built-in documents and calculator functions. The app also includes 2D Graphs; Statistics, Regression, & Test; Matrix; and various equation solvers. This is a perfect solution to the keeping track of a cumbersome calculator problem.

Desmos Scientific Calculator– This great addition to the digital calculating world offers users a wide variety of functions. In addition to the basic calculating, students can explore trigonometry, statistics, combinatorics, and other functions or even define and evaluate their own. With the ability to work offline, view multiple expressions at once, and hold the value of the last computation to avoid the need for copying, this calculator is a must download.

The latest free apps for education are definitely heavy on STEM connections. Students will be prepared to calculate and navigate alongside building skills in music and literacy. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.