Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 26th Edition

Free and impactful go hand-in-hand with these newly released apps for education!

Every teacher has a go-to toolkit of resources and learning tools. With devices and the digital world being such a huge part of everyday life, it’s important that some crossover to learning occurs. Adding a handful of the latest apps to the resource repertoire is an excellent way to impact learning, and when those apps are free, that’s a budget-friendly boon!

Snow Day Forecaster– It’s that time of year where a little fun and anticipation of snow days comes into play. Teachers and students alike can enjoy taking a glimpse at whether the weather is likely to create some time off of school. While a bit of a novelty, it can also be used to discuss how these weather predictions are made, and a great example to use when discussing percentages.

Wonderscope– Wonderscope combines reading and AR. This app allows users to bring a story to life wherever they may be. Students must read the words on the screen to make the next story event occur. Being a part of the story helps build student interest in reading as they watch the events unfold. There are in app purchases to unlock additional stories, but the free offerings are a great way to introduce kids to the engaging world of AR and allow them to practice their reading skills.

Advanced American Dictionary– The English language can be confusing for native speakers, so any extra help available for learners of English is a welcome find. This dictionary includes over 145,000 words, phrases, and meanings and over 85,000 examples of how words are used. Users can easily find words and check pronunciations. Many of the features are available offline which allows students to make use of this dictionary anywhere. With featured collections including idioms, verbal collocations, and commonly used phrases, this app with voice search capabilities is a perfect companion for English Language Learners.

AR Makr– Introducing students to the creation of AR is easy and free with AR Makr. Users can use this creative toolbox to transfer their imaginations to the world around them. 2D renderings of users’ design become 3D objects on their digital screens. Students can record, save, and share their creations to showcase their ability to transform their environments via AR.

Freedom- Block Distractions– Distracted by all the pop-ups and notifications? There’s an app for that. Freedom allows users to focus and be more productive by temporarily blocking distracting websites. A useful tool for easily distracted students and teachers. There are pre-made blocklists available or custom lists can be created. While the free component is only for a trial period, this would definitely be a worthy investment for parents to make in aiding a student who is easily distracted and/or addicted to non-productive apps.

Learn to Sing by Perfect Pitch– Voices are instruments that can use training and fine tuning. With Learn to Sing, users are able to complete vocal warmups, singing lessons, ear training, and karaoke. Students can listen to any pitch and practice as the app displays their accuracy in real time. While in-app offers are available to delve into more lessons and trainings, this can also be a nice tool to use for some basic voice guidance.

The latest free apps for education have much to offer. Students can dive into AR while mastering the English language by singing or speaking it. Teachers can turn to the Fabulous Freebies series for a wide array of resources that can help them find a perfect fit for a single student or the entire learning community.