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Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 2nd Edition

The latest edition of free apps that have recently hit the education scene.

The power of the device can do wonders to boost engagement inside and outside of the classroom. Ensuring some of that power is used for educational good has just become a lot easier. These 5 new apps offer unique learning opportunities at an unbeatable price, free!

Quotesgram Social — Quotes allow people to find the right words to express something they can’t quite capture themselves. As such, they are an excellent source of inspiration, motivation, and education. With Quotesgram Social, teachers and students can find the perfect quote to kick off a paper, dress up a presentation, or reboot their motivation. With the app, users can explore more than 600 thousand quotes from over 35 thousand authors. When the perfect words are found, the app can be used to create images with backgrounds and/or filters. A great tool for writing and presentations or just something engaging for the lovers of language!

Letter Peak- Word Search Up — Another great free app for word lovers or anyone interested in a puzzling challenge. Letter Peak offers 10 challenges per set and 5 categories of difficulty. Each difficulty category has a specific number of letters within its challenges. Beginner starts with just 3 letters to configure, and the Genius category has 7 letters per challenge. Users work the letters to make words and advance. A fun and fast-paced game that offers entertainment with some word building and letter manipulation skills tossed in for good measure.

1600 — The White House Historical Association has created an educational app to allow users to gain some insight into the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. In order to begin, users focus their device on a dollar bill to unlock their journey. A year at the White House is experienced with events like the Easter Egg Hunt and a State Arrival Ceremony as highlights. The narrated tour is both interactive and educational.

Sight Words Games in Candy Land: Reading for Kids — This educational program for beginning readers exposes students to over 200 words from the popular Dolch reading list. The mastery of sight words can do wonders to increase reading fluency, and through the engaging games found in this app, students will be well on their way. Abby the Monkey goes on an adventure in Candyland, and students help her along the way by completing games that develop the recognition and spelling of sight words. This app does include and in-app purchase to unlock more games, but the free options are a great way to get kids started and see if the purchase would be worth the $2.99.

Libby, by OverDrive Labs — Purchasing ebooks and materials can be costly, but turning students on to a free way to get their hands (or fingertips) on to some free e-materials is priceless. Libby hooks users up with their local libraries to easily unlock ebooks for borrowing. Users do need a library card to get started, but once they get the information linked to the Libby account, borrowing is a breeze! Books can be read via the app or sent to a kindle. Multiple library cards mean multiple options for free reading. A great download to get those voracious readers satiated or those picky readers a nice variety of choices!

When it comes to making learning more engaging, teachers will go to great lengths and expenses. These 5 newbies on the ed app scene take the cost factor out of that equation. Check out what’s new and free at the app store!

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