Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 3rd Edition

More free apps have hit the education scene, and we’re highlight some that are worthy of a download.

Finding the perfect resource collection can make all the difference. When those resources are free, it makes them easily accessible to all students and educators. These 5 new apps have made their way into the downloadable world, and they are ready to make an impact in the classroom.

Drawing App White!Board Drawing — For art lovers or students that need a chance to explore some of their artistic abilities, this app is a great way to get creating. The app offers three different options for creating works. Users can doodle, sketch, or enhance pictures. A perfect outlet for some constructive down time or a great way to add some personalized elements to a project or presentation.

YouVisit VR- Virtual Reality — Nothing makes a lasting impression like actually experiencing content that used to be found only in the pages of resource books. Now teachers can let students literally explore many topics of study thanks to the ease of accessibility found through virtual reality. With YouVisit VR, users can navigate through many destinations. Experiences take users from NASA to an exotic animal kingdom or on a tour of Paris and then a hike across the Alps. An excellent way to expand the walls of the classroom.

Simplanum- Organizer, Calendar and Notepad — Still searching for the perfect all-in-one organizational tool? Simplanum may be the answer. With this free app, users no longer have to jump between several different programs or apps to find all their personal notes, calendar, weather information, file attachments, or voice notes. Simplanum puts them all in a single app. A nice streamlined look at the pertinent info needed to manage the day inside and outside of the classroom.

Intro Movie Maker with Free Video Music for iMovie — An excellent tool to help students add some unique touches to their movies. With only their iPhones, users are able to create introductions, inserts, film credits, and more for any film project. Students can choose from many preloaded templates or create customizable ones to highlight their own style or the aspects needed to connect the film content. Text, transitions, and music are easily added to make attention grabbing pieces with inventive personalized touches.

Manga Reader — Have students that love manga or looking to explore a new form of text with them? These Japanese comics offer a unique style of storytelling that can be tricky to navigate. With Manga Reader, users are able to easily access hundreds of manga comics with engaging graphics and translated text. Content may only be suitable for older students, but this could easily be used as a selective teaching tool to discuss the design layout and structure of manga comics.

Whether the goal is reading, staying organized, traveling, or getting creative, these 5 new apps are ready to enhance the learning environment. The free price tag that accompanies them makes trying out some new tools and strategies with students a very affordable endeavor. A no cost way to engage more learners is as simple as a single download!

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