Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 4th Edition

The latest education apps that won’t break the budget are ready for downloading.

Having students power up their devices can power on their ability to engage in learning. When an app is created that positively impacts the learning process, it can really make a difference in how kids interact with elements of the curriculum. These newly released education apps are free and will be a hit with students without putting a hit on the budget.

Toontastic 3D– Add a new and engaging twist to storytelling as students explore their creative sides and draw, animate, and narrate their own cartoon tales. There are also numerous pre-created characters for users to select if designing their own isn’t in the timeframe. The 3D animations can be created to tell unique stories, summarize existing content, and really share any information in an interactive format. Students will love designing their own shareable cartoons, and the app allows them to add a personalized touch by adding their own photos and soundtracks.

Comic Draw by plasq– Comics are a great way to help students create visual interpretations of topics being studied. The brevity of a comic’s text calls for a succinct understanding of the content that allows creators to be able to pull the key components. Comics can be used to teach a variety of figurative language elements and/or created to display an understanding of these elements or other content. The free trial portion of Comic Draw allows users to try out a variety of tools and techniques including brushes, colors, layering, perspective, etc. An excellent platform for showcasing artistic talent and content knowledge.

WH Questions Preschool Speech and Language Therapy– A nice addition to the toolkit for SLPs or others working with younger students. With over 100 questions with pictures for who, what, when, why, and where, students are able to engage in a wide range of scenarios for processing the questioning process. The app allows for ease of use when differentiating and is a great choice for students with special needs. The price tag makes this an easy recommendation for parents to let students practice skills at home.

Multisyllabic Words– Hundreds of 1, 2, 3, and 4 syllable words are included in this free app with no in-app purchases. Pacing cards make for easy practice, and games include sorting, bingo, chunking, and more. The app can be customized and track users’ progress. The ability to differentiate is another bonus that makes this a great fit for students with special needs. The interactive and simplistic format make this an engaging learning tool for young students.

Pinkfong Word Power– Making the practice of basic reading skills fun and engaging is easy and free with this entertaining app for early readers. Words are divided into 3 overarching themes that hold 27 topics. Words about feelings, family, nature, colors, and shapes are just a sampling of the topics covered. With songs, games, and flashcards, there are lots of opportunities for users to interact with words in an early introduction to written language.

Speak- Practice Speaking English– One of the hardest obstacles for ELLs is the ability to understand conversational English and written fiction. With so many idioms, slang, and figurative language examples found in the written and spoken word, the translations can be tricky. Speak users have an opportunity to brush up on their conversational skills and learn some of the quirks of the everyday vernacular associated with learning and speaking English. By choosing conversation topics to engage in with virtual characters, students can get immediate feedback on the clarity of their speaking. A great app to share with students for practicing their English at home or school.

Finding engaging activities for students is a win. Finding free and engaging activities is a win-win. With any of these new apps that allow users to explore language and/or their creative side, students will be winners in their quest for learning.