Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 5th Edition

Expand that learning toolkit by adding the latest educational apps at zero cost.

It’s no secret; students love to spend time using electronic devices. Finding a handful of apps and programs that can make device time both educational and entertaining can be a huge boon for learning success. This set of ed app newcomers meet the criteria and are available at the perfect price, free!

Eartheos– A free trip to the International Space Station is just one of the perks of this engaging app. Users can also subscribe to an event calendar which allows them to stay in tune with all the milestones and occurrences happening in space for only $1.99. While the live data is riveting, students can also explore lots of information perched high above the planet. Discovering how climate change affects lakes, how our devices become toxic global e-waste, and a wide array of other unique vantage perspectives that are given a new light from space can be just a click away. Allow students to check out Earth from this riveting angle as they explore its nuances from space.

Slo Mo- Slow Motion Video Editor & Camera Effects– Student devices are often the tools used to create engaging presentations that showcase learning. By increasing the repertoire of their presentation enhancing toolkits, students have more outlets and opportunities to share their work in effective ways. The ability to slow down and manipulate video can take a moment that once seemed a blur and turn it into the most pivotal part of a presentation. Users can easily add music, share their edited videos with others, and record live video with various options. This easy-to-use video enhancer is quite the find for students and teachers alike.

Learning English Language– This app is a great resource for ELLs that are in the early stages of learning the language. Over 8,000 words with images, phonemic transcriptions, and pronunciations are divided into categories and subcategories. Users can focus on a particular set of words in categories like sports, health, environment, weather, etc. Practice exercises include listening, matching, writing, and more; words can be learned at three different levels, high, medium, or low. With no internet connectivity needed, this is a perfect practice app that students can use anytime and anywhere to expand their English vocabularies.

Skoove- Learn Piano– This app is music to the ears, and it’s free! Whether users are novice or seasoned pianists, there is something to be learned with Skoove. Over 250 interactive lessons and courses are available to build the music making skillset. The app “listens” to the performance, tracks progress, and offers advice on how to improve. While this app is currently only available on an iPad, it can be used with any piano or keyboard. The beginner and advanced courses are offered in a variety of styles including pop and classical. In-app purchases are available for students that really take to this unique format of learning to play.

In just a few clicks, students can be studying Earth, learning a new language, creating presentations and/or making music. When teachers find resources that help students engage in learning, it’s hard to put a price on that connection. These newcomers to the educational app scene found a way to put a free price tag on those connections and a smile on users’ faces.