Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 6th Edition

The app selection trifecta is complete with these 4 newcomers that are engaging, educational, and free!

Staying on top of the educational app scene can be a time-consuming task, and teachers have more than enough on their plates already. This collection of digital resources for education was created to showcase some newcomers that are available at no cost. The search for great apps to share with students just got a whole lot easier.

iBiome- Ocean Lite– Take students under the sea with this engaging journey into the ocean. In this lite version of this sequel to the award-winning iBiome- Wetland, students are able to explore some of the Tide Pool and enjoy the intertwining of gameplay and scientific discovery. Professor Bio guides users through diverse habitats and the intricacies of all the species within them. Students are able to learn about environmental challenges and the roles of consumers and producers alongside predators and prey. A perfect first and free glimpse at underwater life.

Complete Athlete– The quest for engaging nonfiction materials can be difficult. This free collection centered on athletics can be the perfect fit for reluctant readers and/or those with an interest in athletics. The multi-level series of e-books is designed to help players take their game to the next level. Users are able to directly connect with authors and star athletes. Books can be searched and bookmarked, and students can even create their own unique sports profile. A great way to help students connect with text from the sporting world.

Scanner App- PDF scanner for documents & receipts– Help students build their toolkits for managing information and data. With this free scanner app, there are no more excuses for not keeping track of all the paperwork that can come their way. Scanning can be completed in only a few seconds, and documents can be saved in either a PDF or JPG format. Whether students are scanning and sharing information with one another or creating a digital collection of their own resources, this time and cost-efficient system is definitely worthy of a download.

Clips– This new release from Apple allows users to make quick and easy mini-videos to share information. Videos can be made in real time or created from existing photos or files. Edits are a breeze with the ability to manipulate audio, reorder frames, and/or adjust length. Live titles can be voice created, and captions are generated automatically to match the timing of a voiceover. Fun effects can be added to enhance the final product, and videos are easily shareable. A great way to have students showcase learning with real-time productions.

These newly released apps offer engaging content and tools that can enhance creation and productivity. Whether it’s directing students to some high-interest reading materials or helping them streamline their existing text-based materials, these apps have them covered. Finding free offerings is always a bonus, and having a ready collection for students with a variety of interests makes our app collections a perfect bookmark for busy teachers.

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