Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 9th Edition

These newcomers are great additions to a go-to app collection without requiring any additional budgeting.

Educators are always looking for new resources to impact learning inside and outside of the classroom. When they come across said resources that can be acquired at no cost, it can really make them stand up and take notice. This collection of free apps houses some of the latest downloadable resources that can foster student engagement, spur new interests, and/or enhance the learning process.

CastBox Podcast App- News, Audio Books & Radio– In preparing students for meeting the demands of an ever-changing digital world, it’s important to give them lots of opportunities to interact with the wide array of media delivery systems that exist within it. With over 50 million free episodes and access to countless subscription services, CastBox is a must-have addition for users that are already enjoying podcasts or those ready to try out this digital form of media delivery. Students could search for podcasts that meet their own interests and/or research needs, download teacher recommendations or assigned episodes, explore the free audiobook section, and more. CastBox is a perfect app for helping students navigate this information medium.

Spanish Learning App- Language Learning Lessons– Whether interest in language acquisition is sparked by a course of study or a personal passion for pursuing some general words and phrasing from other cultures, this free app has over 1800 basic Spanish terms and phrases just waiting to be learned and/or reviewed. There are numerous categories with a variety of word/phrase selections that are audio recorded by male and female native speakers. With no internet connection required, Spanish Learning App allows for an anytime and anywhere study of some basic phrasing with a mode for testing mastery and summarizing progress.

Purp To-Do List & Goal Tracker– No matter what the age, setting goals can be a huge proponent to achieving success. Purp offers users the ability to really plan out their goals and visually see the importance of creating timelines to achieve short-term and long-term tasks. Students can learn to organize and prioritize their activities and come to find the benefits of making to-do lists to manage all the ins and outs of daily life in both academic and personal realms. Reminders can be set, timers can be utilized, overtime and/or timesaving can be tracked, etc. When it comes to helping students (and teachers) identify go-to tools for time management and organization, it’s always best to offer options, so they can find the right fit. Purp is a great option to add to the realm of possibilities.

Learn Korean- Hangul (Korean Alphabet)– Some students naturally gravitate toward the study of different cultures, and having an option for exploring a language that isn’t traditionally found in middle or high school course offerings is definitely a bonus. By using Learn Korean, students are able to get a basic introduction to common words and phrases from the Korean language. The app offers users what may be a first glimpse at a language formulated by characters very different from the letters in their own alphabet. With recordings from native male and female speakers, the 1800 words/phrases shared in the app come to auditory life for users. The app includes an easy-to-use interface, tests for determining mastery, and the ability to track progress.

Files- File Browser & Manager for Cloud Platforms– Files, files, so many files. With a large number of students incapable of organizing their backpacks, getting their heads around managing the inundation of information that they encounter can be mind boggling. By downloading Files, users are downloading a headache free way to organize their information surplus all in one simple and manageable platform. The built in web-browser offers an easy way to manage files and search history. The Cloud manager keeps more device space open, the file management system is capable of moving, renaming, and deleting files, and file browsing offers full image and document viewing in a variety of formats. Free and multi-capable make for a perfect duo!

Whether teachers are looking to help students get a feel for a new language, get organized, or get connected to a new media delivery platform, these new freebies have all the bases covered. The beauty of identifying a wide variety of free apps is the ability to meet the needs and interests of a wide variety of students. Sometimes the goal may be instructional, but other times it’s okay to just share some engaging and educational options for helping students make quality use of time spent on devices.

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