Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene

The latest free apps in education are just a download away.

Providing educational and engaging learning opportunities for students is at the top of any teacher’s priority list. Finding free modes for doing so often feels like it’s at the top of an unattainable wish list. We’ve done some digging and granted those wishes with this selection of free educational apps that have been released within the past year.

Recap: Video Response and Reflection for Education — Sometimes the hardest hurdle students face in creating responses is how to get their thoughts into print. With Recap, students can share their responses and reflections via short videos that eliminate the need for transferring their spoken ideas to written ones. The more conversational nature of responding allows students to share a real-time expression of their thoughts and ideas. Teachers are able to assign questions or topics to individuals, groups, or entire classes. Students capture a video of their response, and teachers are able to offer feedback on the web and can share responses with parents, teachers, or classes. A perfect addition to an ePortfolio.

Swift Playgrounds — This Apple produced app doesn’t disappoint when it comes to entertainment and coding instruction. Animations that share coding principles introduce engaging puzzles that reinforce the concepts. Users can own the coding process by adding their own photos, images, and sounds to creations. The entertainment aspects of the app allow users to feel like puzzle solvers rather than studiers of Swift, a powerful programming language created by Apple. With the ability to record the creation process and share design products with others easily, this app has great potential for students inside and outside of the classroom.

Go Math! Go- Fun learning for grades K, 1st and 2nd — Helping students make sense of number sense and problem solving is one of the many great features of Go Math! Go. An entire year of math concepts and problems are available at each of the three levels. Kindergarten concepts of counting, addition/subtraction, measurement, 2-D/3-D shapes, and sorting/grouping are practiced as students explore with a friendly monster. The world of animals comes to life as students in Grade 1 focus on counting/comparing numbers, advanced addition/subtraction, charts/graphs, and 2-D/3-D geometry. The grade 2 level has users following along with some adventurous heroes as they conquer number concepts, money/time, measurement, data/graphs, and geometry/fractions. This app does include in-app purchases, but if learning via these entertaining games is engaging students, it may be worth the cost.

Classroom by Apple — If you use iPads in the classroom, then you’ll love this everything management device from Apple. Teachers can manage any student iPads in range within the classroom. Help deter off-task behaviors or usage by locking students into a single app to retain focus, or lock screens to refocus single users or the whole group. A great management tool for 1:1 ratio classrooms or groups of students sharing a single device. Easily navigate to screen view of student devices and display work for all to view via Apple TV. When device management usage can feel overwhelming, this app has you covered without costing a penny.

When it comes to engaging students and managing learning time, devices can do wonders. Sifting through all of the apps out there can be overwhelming and pricey. With these 4 freebies, it’s a win for student engagement and learning, as well as, a win for cost-effective budgeting!