Google Suites at a Glance, Part 2

The game-changing components of Google Apps for Education that allow creativity to flourish.

The free, collaborative, and mobile capabilities of Google for Education were the focus for our first installment of Google Suites at Glance. As we delve a little deeper into how GAFE (Google Apps for Education) look inside and outside of the classroom, the collaborative and anywhere/anytime components really shine. For Part 2 of our series, we’re going to look into 4 apps included in GAFE that allow teachers and students to create. With these easy-to-use apps that allow for real-time collaboration and anywhere accessibility, the possibilities are endless.

Docs — Google Docs is more than just a document creation program. The collaborative and real-time aspects within Google Suites take the creation and communication of the Docs app to the next level. As students are in the creation process, teachers can jump in from their own devices and offer feedback. No paper trail needed for tracking down assignments because the digital copy is always available and all that is needed. Tired of remembering to hit the save button? Not a problem with Docs, as every brushstroke is immediately saved. Worry-free, hassle-free, and always free. Google Docs allow all the personal and collective thoughts to land in one single document.

Sheets — Move over Excel, spreadsheets have found a new springboard. Capturing data and information for whole class projects is now a breeze. The collaborative capabilities of Google Sheets allow for all students and teachers to input data onto a single sheet. When everyone can add their results and information in real-time, the big picture is quickly captured and neatly displayed. Whatever the spreadsheet need may be, the rows, columns, cells, etc. are easily transformed for individual or collaborative uses.

Slides — Preparing presentations is a breeze with Google Slides. No matter where the presentation needs to be shared, everything is auto saved in Slides with no internet or additional hardware required. No more panic from realizing a flash drive is still plugged into the computer at home. This slide presentation generator that is likened to PowerPoint packs in the key Suite elements of collaboration and anywhere access. Any presentation can easily be converted from PowerPoint to Slides or Slides to PowerPoint. Teachers and student can easily import graphics, documents, video, etc. to create powerful presentations that showcase learning.

Sites — The creation of web pages and sites for sharing information and showcasing learning is yet another great creation tool within Google Suites. The Google Sites app allows teachers and students to choose from a variety of templates to develop websites. An easy to follow, step-by-step process for creation will have sites up and running in no time. These sites and pages can then be used to communicate, share knowledge, and highlight information. Upload, click, and connect to allow access for all the necessary tools and content users need to succeed.

When it comes to creating quality products that showcase learning, Google Suites has students and teachers covered. Everyone can pull their own weight when real-time collaboration and anytime access are available. With the auto save function running throughout GAFE, every little detail is saved to bring together the big ideas. Our next installment in the Google Suites at a Glance will take a closer looks at the apps that streamline and manage communication within GAFE.

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