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5 Election Resources That Get Our Vote!

Finding the right resources to share election information for the current presidential race or any other electoral event is just a bookmark away.

When it comes to teaching via current events, nothing is more of a hot or relevant topic than the 2016 Presidential Election. With a host of resources available for K-12 classrooms, we’ve gathered some favorites that offer a wide range of activities and ideas. Whether you’re looking to study candidates, have students engage in a debate, analyze campaign ads, or address the emotional components that elections can bring to constituents, we’ve found a resource for that! These 5 go-to collections from a diverse group of sources will help teachers at any level find the right materials to engage students in a political study.

PBS Election Central — Wow, resources galore! Whether it’s a debate toolkit, information about the candidates, historical data, or general election resources, PBS has teachers covered with a vast collection of printable, downloadable, and shareable resources. View past and present election data, go on a virtual field trip, and let students explore interactive maps with information catered to differing grade levels. This really is a one-stop shop for everything election.

Election 2016: Our Teaching and Learning Homepage by The Learning Network — This New York Times sponsored resource with innumerous links is being continually updated throughout the election. From mini-lessons and printable materials to teaching ideas submitted by educators around the world, there is something for every class at any level. Students can find their voice in answering questions posed to teenaged readers across the U.S. A host of links to articles with guided reading questions will have voters-in-the-making delving into the electoral issues at hand. A must bookmark for those bringing election coverage to the classroom.

TeacherVision 2016 Election Collection — This collection of resources offers 2016 candidate biographies, mock election materials, for campaign speeches writing lessons, an inaugural poetry study, and much, much more! A perfect collection to enhance the study of the current election or find materials that cover general electoral information. With a variety of resources for multiple grade levels, TeacherVision has created an engaging collection that provides some unique learning opportunities.

Teaching Tolerance Election Toolkit — Elections can bring about a wide gamut of emotions, and Teaching Tolerance offers educators an excellent collection of resources to address them. Students can study partake in studies on bias, civics, respecting differing opinions, etc. With numerous links to 2016 election activity sites, this collection is a great way to balance the information of the current election with the tools to address the emotional components that can arise while studying it.

Primaries, Voting, and Elections from Education World — A more general resource, this collection from Education World allows teachers to focus on a concept or skill to be covered in regards to any election. The variety of lesson ideas include a WebQuest with weekly press conferences, a study of editorial cartoons, campaign games, media literacy, analyzing campaign ads, and a host of additional engaging lessons. Teachers will have the tools to explore the current election or a lens to share information about other elections throughout U.S. history.

Engaging students in positive studies and discussions revolving around this or any other election can be a breeze with this resource collection. Nothing sparks a lively debate like politics. Finding the perfect resources for your grade level and curricular needs is just a click away.

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