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Tips and Tricks

Quick Tips That Make Writing Easier

These 34 ideas will help kids find inspiration and improve their prose.

Give your students fresh ideas during writing workshops with charts for reference, inspiration, and maintaining focus. Here are 5 of our favorite charts that will get your students excited about writing.


Why Writers Write

  1. To express thoughts
  2. They love to!
  3. To share something they’re passionate about
  4. To share experiences
  5. To teach others
  6. To persuade
  7. To tell about important events


Writer’s Workshop Process

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Rehearse your story
  3. Prewrite
  4. Write rough draft
  5. Consult with a partner
  6. Reread
  7. Revise
  8. Edit
  9. Publish
  10. Start writing a new story


During Peer Conferences

  1. You read your story to your partner
  2. Your partner listens carefully and thinks about what is missing
  3. You partner tells what they like about your story and what can be added to make it better
  4. Compliments: I really liked the way… OR I enjoyed reading the part when…
  5. Suggestions: How do you feel about adding… OR Maybe we can come up with a better way to…
  6. Corrections: Spelling, grammar, capitalization, sentence organization, missing words, and punctuation


Five-Finger Details

*Use your five senses to build details.

  1. Dialogue
  2. Setting
  3. Internal Thinking
  4. Character Action
  5. Physical Description


“I” Chart

  1. Write the whole time
  2. Stay in one spot
  3. Work quietly
  4. Get started right away
  5. Do my best
  6. Build reading stamina


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