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5 Tips to Help Destress This (School) Year

Let's admit it. While it's not brain surgery, teaching is stressful.

If you teach, you know stress. Day in and day out you are often consumed by planning, new curriculums, high stakes testing, setting up classrooms, new grading assessments, homework, new technology, meeting with parents, departmental meetings, and the list goes on and on. Now is the time to take the reins, stifle the stress before it starts, and smile; it is going to be a great year.

Five- minute tips to help you feel destressed:

  • Exercise & Movement — In the classroom, make it a point to walk around the room often as you set up. Look for color and lighting adjustments you can make that help set a mood. Just observe, listen, and breathe while you do it. As you walk around, you will be looking at things from a physically different perspective.
  • Diffusers — These can be filled with water and a few drops of your favorite oils; try peppermint, clove, or frankincense during the fall and winter season. Sunflower or linen scents lend themselves to spring and summer. If you seek serenity, try sandalwood or lavender oils to gently alter or adjust moods. The connection between our noses and brain affects both our memory and mood. Wait until you see how it can benefit your kiddos too!
  • Water-Water-Water — While it appears a little thing, most of us do not drink enough of it. Water is great for the brain, skin, and body. Infused water is even better. Today you can add all kinds of fruit and even some cucumber or mint to add taste and vitamins to fuel your body during the day. There are some great water bottles with infusing tubes out there for little cost. So get hydrating!
  • Music — While it is no surprise that music is often played for mediation and relaxation, during increased periods of stress music offers a quick shift in our mood and can even affect the subconscious mind. You can choose to play music from different countries, genres, and holidays. Even try natural environmental sounds like ocean waves crashing or a soft rain. Keep the sound low and quiet to invoke positive mood changes.
  • Yoga — A few simple Yoga stretches can bring needed relaxation to you and your students. Chances are if you are stressed, so are they! Jocelyn Glei, writer of several best sellers about work, creativity and business suggests that everyone should step away from their desks/work for a few moments and stretch. You can try 3-4 of her poses to see what might work best for you as you de-stress!

Have a great (upcoming) year!

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