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6 Apps to Engage Students in SAT Prep

By adding a digital component, test prep can become more accessible and engaging.

Preparing for standardized testing can be overwhelming. There are long lists of test prep books and course offerings to help students do their best on well-known tests like the SAT and ACT. With more and more schools turning to these nationally normed tests as graduation requirements and/or measures of achievement levels, it is important for students to enter testing as prepared as possible. Adding a digital component can be just what students need to fit in some extra preparation and practice anytime they have a device handy. These 6 apps may be the perfect addition to a test prep regimen.

Daily Practice for the New SAT®– Users can get a daily of dose of SAT prep with the SAT Question of the Day. A perfect way to ease students into testing mode. If a once daily dose isn’t cutting it, there is also a wide range of additional content available. Hints and answer explanations can be accessed to help students improve performance. Practice tests can be downloaded and instantly scored via the app. The ability to track and compare progress, access date and registration deadlines, and connect to additional practice forums, this free app is a definite must for students prepping for the SAT.

SAT Word Slam– This isn’t your standard flashcard app for learning vocabulary; SAT Word Slam offers a more upbeat study of over 800 terms. Through humor, poetry, and mnemonics, users are offered an entertaining companion to help them master vocabulary. Learn 25 words for free to try out the format, and unlock the remaining ones for only $3.99. Students mark words as “Easy” or “Difficult” as they study, and playlists can be created to focus in on specific words. During untimed tests, incorrect responses can be checked and the correct word learned. Teachers can create and save playlists, and a free copy of the app can be is available to teachers who qualify.

SAT Prep by Ready4– Over 1000 questions with detailed answers, 100s of flashcards, and score analysis are all free with this prep app. As users learn test concepts through lessons, flashcards, and practice questions, their strengths and weaknesses are tracked and highlighted to help in determining needed areas of study. The Top Schools List feature allows students to select their school(s) of choice and determine their current performance levels as compared to the school requirements. The School Match feature showcases compatible schools based on goals and performance levels. A premium level of the app can be opened for $4.99.

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks- Users can try a free lesson and then unlock the full app for only $4.99 if they find the format engaging. There are 500 words/phrases to be learned and mastered via nine entertaining and educational games. Each game focuses on a different aspect of vocabulary building including antonyms, spelling, and context. The app adapts to the user and focuses in on the words that have proven to be a challenge. These terms will begin to pop up more frequently in game play and students’ vocabularies and broadened and reinforced.

SAT Up- New SAT Test Prep and Tutoring– Thousands of practice questions with step-by-step solutions are available in all mastery areas of the SAT. While the app is free, it does come with a monthly subscription price of $4.99. The availability of an online tutor may just make that a worthy price tag during testing season. SAT Up focuses in on the areas where users require the most practice and designs daily workouts to meet those needs. When tutors are contacted, they respond within 24 hours and prepare a targeted study plan and homework for students to complete based on the session.

SAT Prep: Practice Tests, Flashcards, Quizzes– Users can focus on a singular SAT subject or take a more generalized approach to test prep. Students receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in any testing areas covered, and this information can easily be shared with any stakeholders in the test prep journey. Study tools for optimal performance on the Writing section cover the skills of subject-verb agreement, conjunctions, modifiers, and much more. The creation of personalized flashcards and trackable scoring progress are just two of the beneficial features found in this free app.

Increasing the practice opportunities for students preparing for tests like the SAT is a surefire way to build confidence and boost results. With students these days being so connected to their devices, offering them a digital study aid is a relevant and engaging way to help them prepare. With these 6 apps, test takers can add a host of valuable resources to the preparation process.

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