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6 Resources for Math Fact Mastery

No mathematical task is too big or too small for a firm grasp of the basic facts learned from these 6 resources.

Whether students are making change, balancing a checkbook, or solving complex operations, throughout their lifetime, a solid base of mathematical fundamentals is a must. Flashcards, timed tests, and other traditional skill and drill strategies have been the typical go-to methods for building that foundation of the basics. These 6 newer resources we’ve gathered will become the new go-to choices for students at any grade level that need an introduction or remediation of mathematical basics.

Moby Max — A great addition to your teaching repertoire, Moby Max identifies gaps for users at any level and assigns the proper lessons and activities to build those missing skills. The Fact Fluency section lets students work on basic mathematical skills at their own pace, and the read aloud feature can help auditory learners nail down their understanding of the basics. While this resource that covers all core subject areas is an affordable option for whole class or district usage, the learning components can also be utilized for free. If you’re not looking for a learning platform with all the bells and whistles, this award winning program can let students work on their skills sans games, rewards, and the management component.

DragonBox Numbers — This newer app is a great builder of foundational mathematical skills. Students are introduced to numbers and how to manipulate them as they interact with the Nooms, the fun numerical characters within the app. Four different activities allow students to work with numbers in different ways. Through slicing, building, calculating, and problem solving with the Nooms, students get early exposure to mathematical principles in a high-interest format. This number sense building and highly engaging app is well worth its $7.99 price tag and will allow students to strengthen understandings as they build a solid foundation for their future mathematical endeavors.

Math Dice Chase — Games for practicing math fluency don’t have to be electronic in nature to be engaging and fun. With a couple pairs of twelve-sided dice, students can unleash their math facts skills in a rousing game of Math Dice Chase. This new product from ThinkFun encourages students to brush up on their basic facts to ensure they don’t get stuck holding both pairs of dice. Players sit in a circle and pairs of dice are given to students sitting across from each other. A roll of the dice pulls up the numbers to be multiplied, and a correct answer allows for the passing of the dice. Students don’t want to get caught with both pairs of dice, so practicing their math facts will be a motivating must before gameplay. This GEI endorsed product has earned the classroom tested Seal of Endorsement from fellow educators and is an affordable go-to math resource.

Multiply Pizza Pie — Boost math facts understanding while building a firm foundation of number sense with Multiply Pizza Pie. This engaging app allows students to build a variety of culinary options while honing in on their multiplication skills. Tutorials share multiple strategies for tackling an understanding of multiplication. The app can be set to any number for practice and student progress is tracked and sent to the teacher and/or parent. Progress can be measured as students are engaged in learning through this enjoyably animated and interactive format. At only $2.99, this new app offers a great way to build fluency and number sense as students prepare a variety of delectable dishes in their personally decorated restaurants.

Math Bands — This fun (and fashionable) math fact resource from American Educational Products, LLC gives students that extra learning boost when it comes to honing in on basic multiplication and division facts. Each colored band offers a visual go-to for the first 12 facts in fact families 1-12. When students have this wearable and easy-to-use accessory, their confidence in tackling the basics will soar. Bands are available in individual or small group sets for a very affordable price. A variety of activities for usage and skill building are also included. As a GEI endorsed product, adding these colorful resources to your classroom collection is a no brainer.

Jump! A Game of Numbers — This affordable app is as educational as it is addictive. Difficulty and gameplay adjust to the user’s skill level in this animated adventure to reunite the Snortles. After a volcanic explosion scattered the Snortles into the sea, students must help to reunite them by jumping from numbered circle to circle using skip counting and sometimes combining circles to make the next number in the sequence. A great way to practice mental math with available hints for those trickier scenarios. Students will never play the same game twice with the dynamically generated screens. Hours of fun and learning for only $2.99.

These 6 resources sharing what’s new and what’s working for others will help students gain the skills and confidence to tackle whatever mathematical complexities arise in their futures. Whether they’re powering up a device or throwing some dice, students will be getting back to the basics.

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