How GEI Works

Real teachers using products in real classrooms.

That’s the basis for products that strive to earn the GEI Seal of Endorsement.

Here’s how our system works:

Step 1


GEI sends a product to schools for six weeks of classroom-based exploration. These carefully selected schools include rural, urban and suburban settings to ensure diverse testing environments.

Step 2


Based on their experiences with the products, these teachers evaluate them following a carefully designed rubric, reflecting effectiveness, durability, value and ease of use.

Step 3

Endorsement or Feedback

GEI then collects and reviews this feedback, and, based on a proprietary methodology, determines if the product merits the GEI endorsement.

Step 4


When the teacher completes the evaluation process, the product is donated to a school system, library or charity of their choice for continued student use.

Teachers: Try new products — free!

As a GEI reviewer, you can bring new products into your school at no cost, and give a voice to teachers everywhere. For the first time, you will help identify what does and doesn’t work in your classroom.

Manufacturers: Earn the GEI Seal of Endorsement

For a low fee, GEI will distribute your product to five school systems for review in real classrooms. We manage the rest — providing you with valuable market research to promote or improve your product.

What earns the GEI Seal of Endorsement?

During the six-week in-class trial, teachers consider a range of qualities that separate good products from great ones. Here are just a few:


Does it stand up to real-world use in the classroom?


Did it help you achieve your mission as an educator?


Is it worth the investment?

Ease of Use

Could you and your students put it to use right away?

Endorsement is great. Feedback is valuable, too.

Fewer than half of all products submitted to GEI receive endorsement from our teachers and evaluators. For products that don’t receive the seal, honest feedback from teachers is provided to the manufacturer. This constructive criticism is highly valuable for future product development.

GEI empowers teachers with the opportunity to review materials and have real input. As a teacher I appreciate the fact that GEI does not endorse all products. The executive team looks at all the reviews and makes an informed decision as to each product's quality. This means GEI's goal is good quality products not mass quantities of products.

— John Widman, 7th Grade Math Teacher

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