How GEI Works for Producers

Stand out in a crowded marketplace!

We’re raising the profile of the world’s best educational products. Our classroom evaluations make it possible.

GEI Classroom evaluation: the fastest, most affordable market research available.

Products that receive the GEI Seal of Endorsement have been evaluated by educators in real classrooms, vetted through a series of carefully created evaluative rubrics, and added to our growing list of searchable, proven endorsed learning products. For a fee, GEI handles everything: selection of five GEI Reviewers, analysis of feedback, and much more.

The GEI Seal of Endorsement

Our seal is a coveted asset for communicating your product’s effectiveness and value to teachers everywhere.

We make it easy to communicate your status as GEI Endorsed via social media, teacher testimonials, and use of our eye-catching seal graphics, which can help your product stand out in print and online. Products earn GEI Endorsement through an evaluation program that puts products into real classrooms with real teachers and students.

How GEI Product Evaluation Works

Step 1

GEI will send your products to five schools for use in carefully selected, age-appropriate classrooms, where teachers will use them for six weeks.

Step 2

After using the products, the GEI Reviewers evaluate them using our carefully designed rubric reflecting effectiveness, durability, value, and ease of use.

Step 3

GEI then collects and reviews this feedback, and, based on a proprietary methodology, determines if the product has earned GEI endorsement.

Promote your products, receive feedback, and increase sales.

If your product receives GEI Endorsement, it’s added to our growing list of searchable, proven endorsed learning products. GEI editors will promote newly endorsed products through Twitter, e-newsletters, and other social media.

If your product is not endorsed by GEI, we’ll provide you with detailed evaluation feedback in the teacher reviewers’ own words. This feedback can help identify missed opportunities or misunderstandings in the classroom – the least expensive market research available.

Ready to get started?

To place your product in GEI reviewer classrooms:

Please set up a manufacturer profile. It’s quick and easy. Then ship your five product samples to our Global Headquarters.

That’s it! We’ll then distribute them for evaluation. In just 8 to 10 weeks, we’ll be in touch with the results.

The feedback we received on the products we submitted for review to GEI was incredibly valuable.  We are honored to have received the "Seal of Endorsement" as we know the evaluation process was rigorous and well thought out.

— Sue Gaon, Vice President, Lakeshore Learning Materials

View our growing list of endorsed learning products.

Our rigorous evaluation program recognizes products that really work — and are worth a school’s investment.

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