How GEI Works for Educators

Love it or hate it? It’s your call.

The great thing about GEI: You get to try new products and tell the world what you think.

Maybe it’s the best thing you’ve ever used with kids. Maybe it fell apart the first day. We just want your honest feedback.

As a GEI product reviewer, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1

New products delivered to your door.

We pay for shipping –
all you do is put them to use.

Step 2

Use the products in your classroom for six weeks.

Explore the product like any other teacher tool. Did it work? Did it last? Did kids like it?

Step 3

Share your feedback.

We provide a detailed evaluation rubric that makes it easy. We depend on your honest, detailed feedback.

Step 4

Donate the product.

When the process is complete, you may donate the product to your own school or any other charity of your choice.

Once we receive feedback from all reviewing educators, we analyze the results and make a decision. GEI Endorsement will bring attention to the best products out there.

Sound like fun? It is.

We think you’ll enjoy being a GEI product evaluator. It’s a unique way to try new products, think about what works and what doesn’t with your kids, and share meaningful feedback with the people who make tools for learning and the learning environment.

I love working with Global Educator Institute as a Product Evaluator! My students and I enjoy using and testing new products for their usefulness in our classroom and their learning. It's rewarding to know that I might help to improve these products for future educators and students. Thank you, GEI!

— Rachel Lovely, 2nd Grade Teacher & GEI Reviewer

Become a GEI reviewer today!

Simply set up a teacher profile, and identify the level you teach and the type of tools you use in your classroom. We’ll then carefully match new products with your setting. It’s that easy.

View our growing list of endorsed learning products.

Our rigorous evaluation program recognizes products that really work — and are worth the investment.

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