Our Mission

GEI: Created by teachers, for teachers.

Global Educator Institute (GEI) is the new source for trustworthy, classroom-tested, teacher-approved endorsement of the products students need to succeed.

Our purpose is very simple.

We’re dedicated to helping teachers and administrators choose the best-designed, most effective classroom products available.

Teachers rely on classroom tools to help kids learn. The challenge is identifying the best products to help students succeed.

There are tens of thousands of educational products to choose from, with new options added every day.

Teachers and administrators are too busy to spend lots of time searching out new classroom tools, and their budgets are too tight to risk buying products that won’t work. Or won’t last. Or won’t engage the kids.

And unlike the many review websites available for cars, movies, electronics, and video games, there’s no reliable way to know if students will love a product before purchase. Until now!

GEI helps teachers and administrators:

Identify endorsed classroom products tested by real teachers in real classrooms.

Save time looking for new products.

Lower the risk of spending money on ineffective products.

Discover great new products.

GEI helps producers and manufacturers:

Create interest and awareness of their products.

Receive authentic feedback from teachers.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with the GEI Endorsement.

Generate sales of new and existing products.

The GEI program is a FABULOUS opportunity for teachers to receive quality products to try in their classrooms. The program enables teachers to work with products and determine if this is an asset for classrooms across the country. In my experience, the product I reviewed came from an accredited company and was a true asset to my classroom during personalized learning time. The GEI requirements are reasonable and easy to complete, plus as a teacher your voice is heard.

— Nicole Drobish, 4th Grade Teacher & GEI Reviewer

So, who is GEI?
You are.

Teachers everywhere, evaluating products and sharing their feedback. No one is better equipped to decide what works in the classroom and what doesn’t. We’re happy you’re here!

About Us

GEI is the brainchild of three public school teachers with more than 50 years combined experience in the classroom.

Quint and Laura Gage recently serve as principal and teacher, respectively, in two high-performing public school systems. And former elementary teacher Katy Bainbridge developed a popular series of pre-K learning products and K-12 flipbooks. Longtime colleagues in Columbus, Ohio, the three created GEI to fill several needs all three felt was essential: giving teachers, administrators, and parents a way to quickly identify the best products for their students & providing manufacturers an affordable, streamlined, and objective way to receive real-world feedback — and to set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace.

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Our rigorous evaluation program recognizes products that really work — and are worth a school’s investment.

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