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Manufacturer Terms and Conditions

Global Educator Institute, LLC, reserves the right to decline any entry for review or endorsement, withhold an endorsement award in any category at any time, reassign a product to a different category and/or change the criteria for review without notice. Global Educator Institute, LLC, is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damage, or the return of any materials or products submitted for endorsement and review. Please note that products submitted to Global Educator Institute, LLC, will not be returned to the manufacturer. All submission fees associated with the products submitted will be nonrefundable.

Global Educator Institute, LLC, is under no obligation to, and will not, release product evaluation scores.

By the mere submission of the entry paperwork and product samples, the Entrant Manufacturer (hereinafter, “Entrant”) agrees to all of the following:

  1. HONEST ENTRY. Entrant certifies that it, or its duly authorized representative, has submitted information within the entry forms that is true and accurate.
  2. DISCRETION. Entrant acknowledges, understands, and fully agrees that Global Educator Institute, LLC, has absolute and sole discretion to grant or not grant endorsement to submitted products. Entrant further acknowledges and agrees that it, nor its duly authorized representative, will not attempt to challenge any decision of Global Educator Institute, LLC, in any forum or setting, whether public or private.
  3. SAFETY STANDARDS. Entrant certifies that each and every product it has submitted to Global Educator Institute, LLC, for review and endorsement purposes complies with any and all mandatory and voluntary safety standards. Entrant understands and agrees that any evaluation that Global Educator Institute, LLC, conducts will be limited solely to the guidelines and general criteria outlined herein for the sole benefit of Global Educator Institute, LLC. Any evaluation, analysis, commentary and/or grant of any award or endorsement by Global Educator Institute, LLC, shall under no circumstances be deemed to constitute any opinion, representation, or warranty as to the safety of the products by any at Global Educator Institute, LLC, its officers, trustees, directors, agents and employees.
  4. INDEMNITY. Entrant hereby certifies that as an Entrant, it will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Global Educator Institute, LLC, as well as its officers, trustees, directors, agents, and employees, successors, and assigns, from and against any and all damages and claims that may be brought against Entrant, the manufacturer, or an authorized representative of the manufacturer for any liability claim stemming from use, purchase or possession of the product under evaluation. “Any liability” includes damage caused by the products submitted to Global Educator Institute, LLC; claims, demands, causes of action, debt, liabilities, losses or costs, however designated, that relate to the products the entrant has submitted to Global Educator Institute, LLC, and/or any awards grated by Global Educator Institute to Entrant.
  5. INSURANCE. Entrant hereby certifies that Entrant holds current insurance on the product that Entrant is submitting. A request for proof of insurance may be made at the sole discretion of Global Educator Institute, LLC at any time, for any reason. Failure to provide proof of insurance will render Entrant’s product unreviewable. Global Educator Institute, LLC reserves the right to refuse review of a submitted product if proof of insurance cannot or is not provided upon request.
  6. ON MARKET PRODUCT. Entrant certifies that any product submitted for review is currently released on the consumer market as a complete product prior to submission for review. Global Educator Institute, LLC will not review products or applications that have not yet been released to consumers (for the GEI Endorsement Program).
  7. COMMUNICATION WITH REVIEWERS IS FORBIDDEN. Under no circumstances will Entrant communicate with reviewing teachers, students, or other individuals who are involved in the reviewing process. This includes, but is not limited to, communication about the product, questions to the reviewer concerning the product, and pressure of any kind to return a favorable review. Failure to comply with this paragraph may result in removal of a previously granted endorsement and disqualification for endorsement at that moment and in the future.
  8. WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. Under no circumstances shall Global Educator Institute be liable to any party on account of the use or possession or the products submitted for evaluation and endorsement. This limitation of liability shall apply to prevent recovery of direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special and exemplary damages, arising from any use, possession, or purchase of the products submitted.
  9. PROPERTY RIGHTS. Entrant hereby certifies to Global Educator Institute, LLC, that the submission provided does not infringe upon any other party’s intellectual property rights.


Refund Policy

The submission of products to GEI will be non-refundable upon release to schools. If a request for refund is received prior to the product release, a refund will be provided promptly.

Privacy Protection Policy

Global Educator Institute, LLC, fully understands that you wish to know how your personal information is used and shared. In great appreciation for your concern over the importance of protecting your credit card information and educator data, the following Privacy Protection Policy describes Global Educator Institute, LLC, policy for customer privacy protection:

  1. Global Educator Institute, LLC, takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information and will not sell your information.
  2. Global Educator Institute, LLC, meets all Secure Socket Layer (SSL) requirements and are equipped with SSL software that encrypts all of your personal data during the transmission process.
  3. Global Educator Institute, LLC, receives and uses the information manufacturers provide, but no personal information of any manufacturer or Licensee is ever stored by Global Educator Institute, LLC.
  4. Global Educator Institute, LLC, receives, uses and stores Reviewing Educator information to record in the Educator database. Global Educator Institute, LLC promises never to provide your information to any third party for any reason.
  5. Global Educator Institute, LLC, does not rent, share, or exchange your email address, but your email address may be retained by Global Educator Institute, LLC, for communication and advertising purposes. You will be provided the opportunity to opt out of receiving promotional emails at any time.


Reviewing Educator Code of Conduct
Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement

The following Code of Conduct & Release and Agreement of Liability (hereinafter, “Agreement”) is being provided to you, as a volunteer product evaluator, in favor of Global Education Institute, LLC, and its affiliates. Please thoroughly read the content of Agreement. By signing up as a Reviewer, you are acknowledging that you fully understand and agree to the terms of Agreement:

I, a Reviewing Educator, desire to participate in one or more product evaluations or reviews sponsored by Global Educator Institute, LLC.

I certify that I will keep all details surrounding a product wholly confidential at all times. I certify that I will refrain from sharing any details of any sort, including but not limited to, any image of the product, any mention of the product on any form of social media or other media outlet, and any description of the product, to any source besides Global Educator Institute, LLC.

I understand that some of the products that are provided to me for evaluation purposes have not yet been released to the public, i.e. pre-marketed prototypes, and as such, require a higher level of confidentiality.

I certify that I will be honest and true in my evaluations of any and all products offered for review by Global Educator Institute, LLC. I certify that my review will reflect my honest opinion, finding, belief or experience with the product, and that my review will not reflect any sentiment of an outside source or third party.

I certify that I will not be provided payment, compensation, or imbursement of any kind by Global Educator Institute, Inc. for my participation in any one or more product evaluations.

I certify that I will donate the product to a school, library, hospital or charity of my choice.

I certify that I will use the product at the time of my review in an effort to provide the most accurate and genuine review of the product.

I further certify that I understand and agree that any review of a product under which I participate will be limited solely to the guidelines and general criteria outlined herein.

I promise to disclose any existing connection between myself and the seller or manufacturer of the product being evaluated.

I hereby certify that I am over the age of majority in my jurisdiction of residence and that I am fully competent to agree to this Waiver.

I certify that I am aware of and appreciate the possible extent of risks and hazards associated with the participation in the Product Review. I further understand and agree that Global Educator Institute, LLC, assumes absolutely no responsibility or obligation to provide financial assistance or damage coverage.

I understand and appreciate that Global Educator Institute, LLC, is not the manufacturer, distributor, or supplier of the product(s) engaged in the Product Review. I fully understand and agree that Global Educator Institute, LLC, is not providing any warranty, representation or guarantee with respect to the product(s) involved in the Product Review, including but not limited to with respect to the condition, quality, safety or suitability of the product(s) involved in the Product Review.

I hereby release and hold harmless Global Educator Institute, LLC. I understand that this waiver releases Global Educator Institute, LLC, from any and all liability stemming from my participation in the Product Review, whether caused by the negligence of Global Educator Institute, LLC, or otherwise.

I hereby grant Global Educator Institute, LLC, the irrevocable right and license to use the content within my review for publishing. I understand that only my first name & last initial will be used with manufacturers.

I understand the evaluation rubric is proprietary and confidential. I hereby agree that I will not share, display, or publish the evaluation rubric at any time.

I hereby agree that any dispute resolved by this Agreement shall remain wholly confidential and shall not be disclosed by me except to the extent compelled by law or as otherwise agreed to in writing by Global Educator Institute, LLC.

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the product reviewer and Global Educator Institute, LLC, and no agreement outside of this waiver shall be binding to the extent permitted by law or as otherwise agreed to in writing by Global Educator Institute, LLC.

HEREBY, I voluntarily agree to participate to the best of my ability in a review of products made available to me by Global Educator Institute, LLC. I further agree to keep all information surrounding the products provided by Global Educator Institute, LLC strictly confidential as outlined above. I understand and voluntarily agree to this Agreement in its entirety.

Global Educator Institute Certification Process and Disclosure Form

The following Certification Process and Disclosure Form, hereinafter termed “Disclosure,” provides a thorough description of the product submission, evaluation procedure, and licensing process as developed by Global Educator Institute, LLC:

To begin, Global Educator Institute, LLC, hereinafter “GEI,” awards endorsement to products that have been submitted by manufacturers, evaluated by qualified educators, and determined to be of high quality, durability and effectiveness in student learning.

GEI accepts those educational products, tools, or furniture products which qualify, in accordance with GEI Terms & Conditions, for the GEI Seal of Endorsement. To submit an educational product, tool, or furniture product, the manufacture of the item must first complete an application. The application requires a description of the manufacturer company and a description of the product to be evaluated. The manufacturer is required to render $1000 to GEI for the evaluation and the manufacturer is responsible for sending five (5) of the item to GEI headquarters, located at 900 Michigan Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215. The $1,000 fee does not guarantee endorsement. It is a requirement that covers the cost of services provided which include but are not limited to distribution, data management, logistics, and product photography. The service then either results in product endorsement with testimonials or constructive product feedback if it fails the endorsement process.

Upon receiving the item desired for evaluation, and the submission fee of $1000, GEI will utilize the educator database to effectively match the item submitted with the most appropriate grade level and content area educator. The educator assigned to the item must be accepted as highly qualified as an evaluator of educational products by submitting to a screening process completed by GEI. Educator evaluators are required to submit a specialized application which requires information to be disclosed, including but not limited to, the educator’s name, what state they are certified to teach in, the grade level and area of instruction taught by the educator, the type of school district in which the educator teaches (urban, rural, or suburban), number of years of experience, and the length of the school year.

GEI will distribute the manufacturer’s submitted item to the appropriate educator evaluators, along with instructions for beginning the formal evaluation process and completing the online questionnaire. The rubric to evaluate the item will be provided to the educator evaluator at this time. The questionnaire includes six sections with statements and review rates from 0 to 5. The scale will reflect a response of 0/NA, 1 – Strongly Disagree, 2 – Disagree, 3 – Neutral, 4 – Agree, and 5 – Strongly Agree. Each educator evaluator is strongly encouraged to provide additional feedback in the spaces provided in each section. Such feedback is invaluable to manufacturers, because it aids the manufactures in the improvement or enhancement of the item submitted.

GEI Rules of Endorsement include that each product must be evaluated by 5 different teachers (GEI registered reviewers) within different district, representing at least one rural, urban, and suburban setting.

The process for evaluation will take approximately six-eight weeks. During the evaluation period, the educator explores and implements the products in an educational setting. GEI strives to place the product in geographically diverse locations so as to elicit evaluation from a range of educator evaluators and student bodies.

After the six-week evaluation period, GEI collects the completed questionnaires and rubrics from the educator evaluators, and the GEI team then evaluates the data as a whole. In reviewing the aggregate data, the GEI team looks for outliers, common language and information both qualitative and quantitative to determine whether or not to endorse the item submitted by the manufacturer. Educator evaluators provide feedback with specific evaluative information for the following criteria:

  • DESIGN — The visual message, shape, comfort, look/feel, user-interface, user-experience, actual construction, durability
  • EDUCATIONAL IMPACT — Alignment to standards, multi-standards, effectiveness at increasing learning, research-based, differentiated components, assessments, enhances learning environment
  • FUNCTIONALITY — Has a clear function or multiple functions; success at its intended purpose, enhances learning environment
  • VALUE — Does the product price vs. educational impact provide good value to the consumer?Product Directions and Instructions

*For every type of evaluation; e.g., classroom games, curricular resources, software, educational furniture, classroom tools; GEI uses a different rubric, all focusing on the large categories above but with different questions based on the type of product.
Educator evaluators may also answer open-ended questions about the product.

Educator evaluators also answer open-ended questions about the product.

Items that do receive the GEI Seal of Endorsement will be deemed “excellent.” The initial submission fee covers the logistics of determining which educator is the best match for reviewing the submitted item, personnel to manage the process of the evaluation, the written testimonial (if endorsed) and feedback on the submitted item, as well as careful placement of the endorsed item on the GEI website. The spotlight of the item on the GEI website will include the item being listed on GEI’s “highly recommended products” list, which includes the manufacturer’s link to the manufacturer website. GEI requires no additional fee to refer consumers to the endorsed product. If endorsed, the item will also be publicized on the social media outlets managed by GEI. If the submitted item fails to be of the necessary quality, durability, and effectiveness to achieve endorsement, GEI will compile all feedback available for the manufacturer.

All items submitted for the GEI Seal of Endorsement will not be returned to the manufacturer. For items that do not receive the GEI Seal of Endorsement, honest feedback from the educators will be provided to the manufacturer in a timely manner. The feedback will consist of constructive criticism that is highly valuable for future product development. GEI shares the evaluations and feedback under the previously listed criteria to encourage the manufacturer to continue development of the item. The manufacture, upon revision or alteration of the item, is welcome to resubmit the item for evaluation as a new submission. GEI will keep this information confidential.

Upon endorsement, the manufacturer has limited use of the GEI Seal. The manufacturer will have permission to print the GEI Seal, create stickers to place on only the endorsed item, to advertise the endorsement, and to add the GEI Seal to the manufacturer’s own packaging and promotion of the item.

This Disclosure is subject to the Terms & Conditions, License Agreement, and other policies held by GEI, all of which are open for viewing on this website.

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