Providing active and fidgety students a way to help themselves focus is very important in an environment where recess and PE are greatly reduced. They don’t have the opportunity to get out and “work their wiggles out”, so the ability to do so in class without disturbing other students is vital. This is a great addition to my class!

— Beth D., AZ, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Bouncy Bands help students release their extra energy, anxiety, stress, frustration, and boredom while they work. They attach to student desks for students to bounce their feet and stretch their legs.

Bouncy Bands are quiet and they don’t distract others. Active students are more productive and spend more time on task when they can move. Students with short legs enjoy being able to rest their feet on the Bouncy Band instead of having them dangle all day. In addition, students who feel anxious when working enjoy being able to stretch their legs to release their anxiety while they work.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“For my students who have busy feet and need to wiggle, Bouncy Bands for Desks enabled them to stay on task.”

— Ted S., NY, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“The students love Bouncy Bands for Desks! They beg to have it. I moved it to a different desk each day so a larger selection of students could use it. When using it in a classroom, a class set or one for a specific student works perfectly.”

— Sara L., NC, GEI Reviewer and Teacher