Choice Words is durable, quick game, which is both fun and easy to keep score. It can be played quickly and used with various size groups.

– Dylan H., GEI Reviewer


When you play Choice Words, recalling popular phrases is only half the battle. With two types of game play, you’ll need to match other players’ answers – either the most or the least! In “Scratch Play,” score one point for each phrase that other players haven’t thought of. In “Match Play,” score points for correctly guessing how other players will fill in the blanks. As time runs out, the phrases get more far-flung in this hilarious contest of wits and words. Fun for the whole family! Includes 200 Match Play cards, 200 Scratch Play cards, timer, phrase pad and rules. 2 or more players.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“I would endorse Choice Words because it is a fun game to get kids interacting and using word play. It is easy to learn and fun to play if you have a short or extended block of time.”

Kim D., GEI Reviewer

“I would definitely endorse Choice Words! My students loved the design and look of the game. They practiced debate and decision-making skills while having fun with one another. The timer and their competitive spirits get them thinking quickly about ways to incorporate the root words into compound words or phrases.”

Rachel L., GEI Reviewer