Crystal Clear is beneficial for all students at the upper elementary school level
and above. Helping students to plan for life outside of school and successfully
make/meet goals is an important skill that this product assists.

— Abby W., Pennsylvania, GEI Reviewer and Tea

Crystal Clear is a year long program created to help students set goals and achieve success in their lives. Crystal clear is a full color workbook, with weekly inspiring quotes. The Crystal Clear goal setting program starts with the student setting a big overall goal then breaking it down into small weekly pieces. The goal setting focuses on three parts of the students life: 1) school 2) personal interests 3) inspired activities (volunteerism). This is a weekly activity that takes about 20 minutes. Students score points each week for goals achieved and are offered bonus points when they ask for help.


In market: 2 years

Grade levels: grade 6 – 8

Estimated weight: .087 lb

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“I would recommend this product to other teachers or the school counselor because I believe it is imperative to start students off young with goal setting at school and in their personal life. They can reach short-term weekly goals nd long-term yearly goals.”

— Yolanda C., Texas, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“Students, who like to set goals and challenge themselves, have enjoyed using this book.”

— Tara F., Ohio, GEI Reviewer and Teacher