I enjoyed using this product in my classroom and I feel like I will use it for years to come. The fact that it can be used for anchor charts, as a dry erase board, and as a choice for differentiated seating is wonderful.

— Tami C., Pennsylvania, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Height adjustable for use in seated or standing positions, ideal for ADA applications or use by students and instructors, alike. Innovative flipping feature offers various vertical angles and horizontal work surface positions. Two magnetic telescopic arms can be used for securing several sizes of large paper pads for display and presentation. For Your Information, this markerboard is an ideal tool for your next collaboration meeting.

Multi-functional markerboard with the ability to display flip charts; ideal for a wide range of workplace and educational settings. Height adjustable with the ability to flip and transform from a presentation tool into a horizontal table top.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

"It was used as one more way students could ‘come to the board’ to display work. Again, because it was mobile, it could be moved from group to group where students could use it close to their work space."

— Doug D., Ohio, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

"The FYI Flip Chart Markerboard made a huge impact on the learning environment; we desperately needed extra space to post information and this did the trick. It is great that it is portable and converts to many uses and does not just sit unused.”

— Alexa G., Colorado, GEI Reviewer and Teacher