GoGuardian creates better use of class-wide, computer time — it reinforces student accountability, it provides an opportunity to teach research and how to execute better word searches, it allows sharing of information with students instantaneously, and eliminates wasted time.

— Allison B., GA, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Built from the ground up with input from educators, GoGuardian for Teachers™ helps drive student success, focus, and engagement in your classroom and beyond. A Timeline view shows which students are working and which ones are off-task at a quick glance, and tools like Screen View, Tab Control, and Browser Lock allow teachers to help guide students toward the right information at the right time—while keeping them safe, focused, and engaged with lessons and peers.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“Purchasing GoGuardian would be worth the investment as we would have reduced incidences of students visiting inappropriate websites or searching inappropriate web results. This guarantees every student time on the Chromebooks rather than having to make paper copies of all computer-based work.”

— Rebecca H., HI, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“In the six weeks we were exposed to GoGuardian, I was able to effectively monitor my students activity. I enjoy having the ability to view my students screens from anywhere in the room and ensure that all students are staying on task.”

— Jenifer A., IL, GEI Reviewer and Teacher