I highly recommend the Kodo Kids Balance and am always trying to find lessons so we can use it. From math to science to fun guessing games, this universal product is a classroom fixture.

— Selah K., TX, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

This beautiful wooden balance provides an unmatched STEM learning activity by giving immediate visual feedback of the child’s actions. Children learn about balance, relative weight, and fulcrums in an intuitive manner through playing with the weights and cups. The set includes 4 hanging cups and 20 real metal washers to be used as balancing weights. Teachers can enrich the learning experience by introducing advanced vocabulary and challenging children to balance items on the various pegs. The Balance is appropriate for a wide age range and is made from durable, high quality wood materials.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“This product is extremely sturdy and has endured countless hours of use and still looks brand new. It has definitely exceeded my expectations in many ways. My students love using the balance; it has deepened their learning of measurement through its use.”

— Aurea J., FL, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“I used the Kodo Kids Balance during my STEM labs and during center rotations. The kids were self led when using the balance if I was not able to be present giving them explicit directions. They loved using the balance and had great conversations about how to make the sides balance.”

— Sara C., MN, GEI Reviewer and Teacher