These manipulatives are not only fun to use in math lessons about addition and subtraction, but they can be used for teaching number sense, counting sets, making patterns, comparing sets, learning about greater than, less than, and equal groups, and a whole host of additional concepts. Other teachers who walked in to my room as we were using the products asked where I found them and how they could get them, too!

— Pamela F., Ohio, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Children will have fun visualizing sums & differences to 10 with this set of 40 full-color, photorealistic 5.25″ Problem-Solving Cards, leaf motif Ten-Frame activity mat and 30 large, colorful, plastic LadyBug manipulatives. (10 each red, yellow & blue) Students simply use the information provided on the nature-themed problem-solving cards to place adorable LadyBugs on the Ten-Frame “leaf” card. They will quickly be able to subtilize or count the LadyBugs to determine the correct answer. The answer side of the problem-solving card will present the visual match to self-check LadyBugs on their Ten-Frame Leaf. The card also states the numeric answer and introduces the equation in a color-coded format. Students with the ability to count and make ten will soon “see the operations” of sums and differences to 10 through these visual and hands-on activities! Teachers can easily expand this center set into multiple centers or whole class activities with Ten-Frame Leaves, Lots of LadyBugs and Oodles of LadyBugs sold separately.



Grade levels: K – 2

Estimated weight: 1 lb

Other information: Included in the photos: Ten-Frame Leaves, Lots of LadyBugs and Oodles of LadyBugs that can be used to expand the center set into multiple centers, small-group activity or whole class activity. These are also great tools on their own. The ELP626668 LadyBug Ten-Frame Math is also perfect for home learning.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

"My students had no trouble following directions on this fun game. They were able to follow along, have fun, and most importantly LEARN with little to no help from me. There was no assembly and I anticipate the cards lasting for years to come.”

— Andrea W., Mississippi, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

"We loved having this in our classroom! The students enjoyed getting this product out. I loved that it could be used as an independent center with little instruction from myself or used in one-on-one meetings with students.”

— Rosa D., Oklahoma, GEI Reviewer and Teacher