This new work space was an instant hit. Of course, anything new and different is always a draw. But the LearnFit was unobtrusive and seamlessly transitioned into a variety of learning spaces. Students, of course, sought to use the desk as often as possible. They appreciated being able to stand and move as needed to meet specific learning goals from a variety of spaces around the room.

— Andy L., MN, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

LearnFit® Adjustable Standing Desk — Transform classrooms into active learning environments with on-demand height-adjustable student desks. With the simple use of a hand lever, kids can change the height of their desktops so that they can work and collaborate in the way that is natural for them. Standing more throughout the day increases blood circulation, burns more calories, and helps maintain muscle tone and insulin effectiveness. This means LearnFit can be an integral part of a school environment designed to improve health and academic outcomes.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“The LearnFit Standing Desk is worthy of the GEI Seal of Endorsement. It is easy to assemble. Extremely durable. Functions consistently throughout the day, every day. The perfect size, does everything you could ask of it, and the well placed device and cup holders are great.”

— Amanda Z., NY, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“The LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk is worthy of the GEI Seal of Endorsement. With the LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk, he can do all of his work comfortably. His anxiety level has decreased greatly and he’s much less distracted and less distracting to the rest of the class. My other students clamor to be able to use the LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk to do their own work. We wish we had enough of these desks for the whole class.”

— Joyce R., FL, GEI Reviewer and Teacher