The Makey Makey is a great addition to any classroom that focuses on inquiry-based learning and hands-on instruction. Students were extremely engaged while they were learning all about different types of circuits!

— Kamala S., GEI Reviewer


Makes STEM Education fun! Start out easy with a banana piano. The first setup takes seconds. Then make game controllers, musical instruments, and inventions. Advance to female headers and multi-key remapping – up to 18 keys. Ages 8 to infinity.

Makey Makey connects the world to your computer. You can invent things with access to the full processing power of your computer. Or make cool controllers out of your world for your favorite games, or create simple programs in scratch to make sounds or count points for things in your kitchen, or explore what’s conductive and what’s not, or create totally new things!

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“Makey Makey is a great, fun way to use technology. It gets students’ brains going and can influence great innovation and creativity! The product is solidly built, convenient in size, and a fun product to use. A perfect item for the Science or Technology classroom."

— Andrea T., GEI Reviewer

“My students enjoyed playing with Makey Makey Classic. I enjoyed seeing what they would come up with next. The ability to remap any of the keys on the Makey Makey provides it with endless possibilities! For students working on programming and designing games and to be able to design one’s own, custom controller - this is the go to kit to make it happen.”

— Jonathon P., GEI Reviewer