I like how easily the kids acclimated to the Pattern Play game. The clear and easily explainable directions made starting the game a breeze. The color and tactile use of blocks attracted the kids to the game. I loved that this game made my students think outside the box.

– Cliff M., GEI Reviewer


Using brightly colored, multi-shaped wooden blocks, the goal is to recreate 2D patterns into 3D structures. Some build-outs seem to defy gravity; others are stunning works of dimensional art. All puzzles will challenge kids and adults while providing a rewarding, towering finish! Includes 22 high-quality wooden blocks, 20 pattern cards with 40 designs to replicate and a wooden tray.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“I would endorse this product. It inspired my special education students to think in a different way. They worked together to solve the puzzles. I also shared it with gifted students. They enjoyed the challenge and kept working to see how fast they could complete each picture.”

Carrie B., GEI Reviewer

“As a first grade teacher, I found Pattern Play 3D beneficial to my student’s problem solving skills. The task cards ask students to interpret the two-dimensional images into three-dimensional structures. Each puzzle increases in difficulty. The brightly colored blocks are well made and the perfect size for classroom use. Recommend for K-2nd grade.”

Renee H., GEI Reviewer