The kids were really involved because Physics Pro immediately captured their attention and involved them in active learning.

– Jenna D. GEI Reviewer


Physics Pro is our biggest, most advanced physics kit. With this kit, you can continue your study of statics and dynamics from previous lessons and begin your study of more advanced topics in physics, including fluid dynamics, energy, oscillation, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

By adding advanced topics like fluid dynamics to your physics repertoire, you can now build some really spectacular models and devices, such as a wind tunnel, pneumatic shocks, and a hydraulic lift. You will see how physics extends far beyond the classroom, giving us an amazing set of tools that can be applied in the real world to engineer marvelous things.

The 96-page, full-color experiment manual has two major sections. In the first part, you will enter the physics lab, where you will get to know the properties of air and water and become familiar with currents and energy. There is a series of 17 experiments in which you will start building smaller models. In the second part, you will move on to the workshop, where you will build 14 larger models of complex real-world devices.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“I would recommend this product because it addresses many concepts and is very engaging. Physics Pro is good for class models, collaborative challenges and independent exploration. It is especially appropriate for a middle school or gifted classroom.”

Melissa D., GEI Reviewer

“I would endorse the Physics Pro kit as a class model set. It provides a wide array of activities that support science concepts including by not limited to gravity, air and water pressure and balanced forces. I used this kit in front of my class to show how a model is built and how to test models and collect data.”

Mindy H., GEI Reviewer