The Planetary Parachute is great for team work, great discussion and connection with science. The kids liked the colors and idea of the planets and how they are aligned.

– Angie S., GEI Reviewer


This Planetary Parachute by FlagHouse is a great way to integrate science lessons into your P.E. class. The first oval-shaped parachute of its kind, it has all the planets in our solar system lined up by how they orbit the sun! Planet names have been added to help in the learning experience. Graphics include many of the planet’s actual features so participants have a blast learning about their characteristics as they try to get the ball in a specific planet’s target.

SIZE: 19’L x 13’W. Storage bag included.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“The parachute was extremely easy to use. The outer rim of the parachute is a cylindrical foam piece surrounded with the parachute material, which is very easy for the students to grasp and hold on to. It is very easy to use and a great way to teach collaboration and the solar system at the same time.”

Kim R., GEI Reviewer

“My class really enjoyed playing with the Planetarium Parachute. We played a variety of games that needed total cooperation to work successfully. The children loved shaking the balls and trying to get a ball to go into each planet pocket!”

Jill W., REI Reviewer