This is a wonderful learning tool. Students loved the game and it could be differentiated to meet the various needs in my classroom. I even had a parent play the game and she came back saying, “I love this game! Where can I buy it?” The second I would pull out the game the students got so excited to start playing.

— Katie F., Michigan, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Roll ‘N’ Spell™ An exhilarating, fast-paced spelling game, Roll ‘n’ Spell stimulates the brain through an innovative use of spelling activities. The game is sure to keep the fun rolling while improving memory and building confidence as the words spill from the edge of your tongue. Letter Deck™ High-octane, on-the-go fun, Letter Deck focuses on spelling and spatial memory. In this card game you challenge your memory and vocabulary speed. Highly competitive, fast paced, and stimulating, take the challenge and train your brain to think fast and recall information in this revolutionary memory boosting game.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“I love that the games were simple for my students to play and that I could use it for the different level of students in my class. I also loved that there were so many different games for the students to play.”

—Susan L., Michigan, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

"Roll 'n' Spell engages students’ minds and challenges students to utilize their reading/spelling skills. The point system drives their competitive side and helps with motivation."

— Kerry P., New York, GEI Reviewer and Teacher