I noticed a huge improvement with staying on task and concentrating on school work from some of my most struggling students. I would love four more standing desks for my classroom!

-Beth M., GEI Reviewer


Stand2Learn is quickly becoming the leader in research based designs for student desks. Research proves that standing height desks not only improve student’s health by increasing calorie burn rates by 20% but also improve a student’s engagement time by 12%, i.e. test scores.

Our desk allows students to sit or stand during lecture providing an outlet for excess energy as well as an increase in focus. The built-in dual height footrest allows standing or sitting students to maintain an ergonomic posture, i.e., maintain blood flood through the lower legs and allowing blood flow through the body to the brain.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

"The Stand2Learn desk was amazing; it has so many uses for assisting with behavior management and helping to create a more comforting classroom environment for my students. The students loved it. It was awesome!"

Nicholas C., GEI Reviewer

"I have extremely hyperactive kids in my class. This desk was a life saver! I allowed my students to rotate using the desk when needed, and their on task behavior and work completion rate increased tremendously!”

Kristie T., GEI Reviewer