The features that I liked most about this product were its durability and convenience. When you work in an under-performing urban district, we often lack reliable resources. This product is sturdy and holds up extremely well to everyday use. It is also very easy to move around the classroom or even transport to other rooms. It also helped me to stay organized and set clear routines for students when using materials housed in the cart.

— Kate M., GEI Reviewer

We will need to have systematic and purposeful storage solutions that will allow the end-user to self-organize, dispense, store and collect the wide assortment and extremely long list of items that will surface in every classroom. In the next generations of educational environments, standard cabinetry and adjustable shelving solutions will only hinder these environments by restricting the mobility and flexibility of the environment’s furniture solutions and therefore will only suppress engagement, collaboration and wonder.

StorSystem Storage Solutions is the perfect Solution for the 21st Century Classroom Environment.

To appreciate the high quality of our products consider the following important features of the Certwood Storage Tray Racks and compare them to similar products from other suppliers.

  • Storage carts and racks are delivered KD FLAT PACK along with your choice of tote trays and color.
  • Storage carts and racks can be supplied pre-built, ready for immediate use if required.
  • All racks include the new ‘Glide & Tilt Tray runner module’.
  • Tray ‘fall thru eliminated’ and trays can stop in an angled open position without falling out of the rack.
  • Super tough and shatterproof trays for safety.
  • Units can be added to or built up to give extra options on storage.
  • Tray runners are fixed on module, eliminating the need to change runner positions when tray or shelf positions change.
  • Simple to order, no separate components to identify.
  • Choose your rack size, decide which tray colors you require — the price is fixed for any combination of trays.
  • 50mm diameter rubber tyre castors used as standard. Optional 75mm heavy duty rubber tyre castors also available.
  • All the advantages of the Certwood Tray system.
  • A4 and A3 “width” tray options.
  • Can be stacked and made into built-up units at any time.
  • All Storage Trays have smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning
  • All mobile metal racks can be supplied with adjustable feet as an alternative to castors.
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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“StorSystem exceeds expectations. It is strong, sturdy and durable. Teachers will love this product. Teachers admired our sample as we tested the cabinet. StorSystem is sharp looking and appealing. It is durable and kids can use it frequently and with ease.”

— Katie B., GEI Reviewer

“This is a great product! Durable and large enough to store items used daily and allows student access to materials at all times.”

— Allison M., GEI Reviewer