Our school is working to teach students soft skills that will benefit them as they transition to high school and then to the work force. This item provides a fun way to teach and practice these skills.

— Amy C., North Carolina, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Round up your friends and prepare to get Twangled as you laugh, think, stretch and communicate to get yourselves into and out of a twisted and tangled situation.

To play, simply grab the bands and stand in circle. Kick the spinner and follow the instructions, stepping over or under a specified band color. With each spin, your group becomes more and more Twangled. Then it’s time work together to untangle the group back into their starting positions! This team-building game develops problem solving skills and gets everyone off the couch and interacting.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“Students loved the colors of the elastic bands and the softness of them. It held their attention with great glee, and they unanimously begged to play again. They loved that it wasn’t easy to solve, but that it was possible with persistence.”

— Cherie B., Vermont, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“Students thoroughly enjoy playing and solving Twangled by MindWare. As a get up and move game, Twangled encourages students to communicate clearly while problem solving and offers some competitive features that motivates students to focus on the task at hand. We really enjoy this game.”

— Cathy C., Ohio, GEI Reviewer and Teacher