This was a very simple product to use and the kids loved playing it multiple times. uKloo is always changing due to the different cards and ways to switch it up. They also loved to see the different ‘prizes’ each day. I loved the look on their faces when they could recognize the words and ‘read’ to each other. This is a great product and can be used in any homeschool classroom!

— Angela S., MS, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt is a great introduction to reading! Shh! Don’t tell the kid’s that it’s educational! Disguised as a treasure hunt, this multi-award winning children’s literacy game gets kids physically active as they read clues and search to find a hidden surprise. There’s even a Picture Helper poster to look up words when kids get stuck! The children are so engaged, they begin reading without even realizing it. Great for beginner and reluctant readers, ADHD and children of all abilities. Selected as one of the 10 best classroom games and toys by the American Association of Educators. Developed by a mom with the help of educational advisors, kids and parents.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“The enjoyment my students had while playing this game was such a delight to see. They were learning and having fun. I am a big believer in making learning fun. This treasure hunt provided that experience.”

— Jennifer S., OK, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“We played this game several times a week. My students had a lot of fun searching for items. We changed the game slightly by having the students move between clues in different ways (i.e. hop, skip, etc) to incorporate a vigorous movement element.”

— Kimberly B., NC, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

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